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Chop Suey, USA
Chop Suey, USA
Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America by Yong Chen | Read the chapter Chop Suey, the Big Mac of the Pre-McDonald's Era | A recipe for chop suey | Test Your Knowledge of the history of Chinese food in America | Yong Chen's Top 10 Chinese Restaurants

Moral Hazard in Health Insurance
Amy Finkelstein

"This thorough and lucid work by Amy Finkelstein should convince anyone of the existence and importance of moral hazard in health insurance." — Mark V. Pauly, University of Pennsylvania

Race Unmasked: Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century
Michael Yudell. Foreword by J. Craig Venter

"Just the right remedy for those seeking to better understand the horrors and wrongs of racism." — Arthur L. Caplan

The Philosopher's Plant: An Intellectual Herbarium
Michael Marder

"A genuine pleasure to read and one of the most innovative books I have encountered in some time." — William Egginton

The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat: From 9/11 to Osama bin Laden's Death
Edited by Bruce Hoffman and Fernando Reinares

"Compelling and important. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand al-Qaeda or international terrorism." — Richard English