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Law and War: An American Story

Peter Maguire

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Paper, 480 pages, 12 halftones
ISBN: 978-0-231-12051-7
$29.00 / £20.00

March, 2001
Cloth, 480 pages, 12 halftones
ISBN: 978-0-231-12050-0
$90.00 / £62.00

When does the waging of war become a criminal act? And who is in a position to judge? Ranging from the American Indian wars to the Civil War to World War I, and culminating with the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials following the Second World War, Peter Maguire provides much-needed historical perspective on the crucial and ever more urgent issues of war and justice. His examples illustrate the gradations of political justice and the perpetual redefinition of war crimes across three continents and more than a century of American foreign policy.

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About the Author

Peter Maguire has taught the law and theory of war at Columbia University and Bard College. He was the historical advisor for the documentary Nuremberg: A Courtroom Drama.

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