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Race and Ethnicity in America: A Concise History

Edited by Ronald H. Bayor

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Paper, 288 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-231-12941-1
$28.00 / £19.50

October, 2003
Cloth, 288 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-231-12940-4
$85.00 / £58.50


1. Ethnicity in Seventeenth-Century English America, 1600-1700, by Carol Berkin

2. Ethnicity in Eighteenth-Century North America, 1701-1788, by Graham Russell Hodges

3. The Limits of Equality: Race and Ethnic Tensions in the New Republic, 1789-1836, by Marion R. Casey

4. Racial and Ethnic Identity in the United States, 1837-1877, by Michael Miller Topp

5. Race, Nation, and Citizenship in Late Nineteenth-Century America, 1878-1900, by Mae M. Ngai

6. The Critical Period: Ethnic Emergence and Reaction, 1901-1929, by Andrew R. Heinze

7. Changing Racial Meanings: Race and Ethnicity in the United States, 1930-1964, by Thomas A. Guglielmo and Earl Lewis

8. Racial and Ethnic Relations in America, 1965-2000, by Timothy J. Meagher


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About the Author

Ronald H. Bayor is professor of history in the School of History, Technology, and Society at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. He is the founder and current editor of the Journal of American Ethnic History and the author of the award-winning Race and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century Atlanta.

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