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Not Ours Alone: Patrimony, Value, and Collectivity in Contemporary Mexico

Elizabeth Emma Ferry

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Paper, 296 pages, 21 photos, 1 map
ISBN: 978-0-231-13239-8
$34.00 / £23.50

October, 2005
Cloth, 296 pages, 21 photos, 1 map
ISBN: 978-0-231-13238-1
$105.00 / £72.50

Elizabeth Ferry explores how members of the Santa Fe Cooperative, a silver mine in Mexico, give meaning to their labor in an era of rampant globalization. She analyzes the cooperative’s practices and the importance of patrimonio (patrimony) in their understanding of work, tradition, and community. More specifically, she argues that patrimonio, a belief that certain resources are inalienable possessions of a local collective passed down to subsequent generations, has shaped and sustained the cooperative’s sense of identity.

About the Author

Elizabeth Emma Ferry is assistant professor of anthropology at Brandeis University.

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