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The Incident at Antioch/L’Incident d’Antioche: A Tragedy in Three Acts / Tragédie en trois actes

Alain Badiou; Introduction by Kenneth Reinhard and Translated by Susan Spitzer

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Paper, 216 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-231-15775-9
$22.95 / £16.00

February, 2013
Cloth, 216 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-231-15774-2
$69.50 / £48.00

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About the Author

Alain Badiou holds the René Descartes Chair at the European Graduate School and teaches at the École Normale Supérieure and the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris.

Kenneth Reinhard is associate professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Susan Spitzer is a frequent translator of Badiou’s works, most recently his Five Lessons on Wagner.

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