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Polish Dance in Southern California

Maja Trochimczyk

EEM #695
June, 2007
Cloth, 320 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-88033-593-5
East European Monographs
$40.00 / £27.50

This is a historical overview of folk dance ensembles in Los Angeles and the Orange Counties. It stretches back fifty years and examines groups such as Krakusy, Podhale, Górale, and Polskie Iskry; popular Polish dances like Góralski, Zbójnicki, Krakowiak, Kujawiak, and the Polka; and the relationship between Polish models of these dances and their interpretation by modern American ensembles today.

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About the Author

Maja Trochimczyk is a Polish music historian and former director of Polish Music Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. This book is a result of a research project sponsored by USC Southern California Studies Center.

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