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Inside New York 2009

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October, 2008
Paper, 376 pages,
ISBN: 978-1-892768-41-4
Inside New York
$15.95 / £10.95

Bookstores are filled with guides that tell you where to eat, where to shop, and what to see in New York, but can you really rely on their advice? In the interest of appealing to everyone, these guides recommend everything, regardless of whether the food, the stores, or the activities and events are actually worth your time and money.

Written by actual New Yorkers who are committed to discovering the best the five boroughs have to offer, Inside New York provides a unique portal into our thrilling (and occasionally daunting) city. Compiled by a team of fearless students, the guide introduces the neighborhoods and nightlife that make New York truly unforgettable. Inside New York’s young writers aggressively search for new trends, the hippest nightclubs, and the best deals. They also visit perennial favorites, offering fresh perspectives on museums, monuments, and iconic landmarks.

Inside New York 2009 adds more than 500 new entries, including dining and nightlife reviews, neighborhood walking tours, the boroughs' famous architectural achievements, must-see cultural events, such as parades and festivals, and where to find the hottest new music, art, and theater.

New to the 2009 edition:

· Cheap NYC, a listing of the city's most exciting (and cheapest) events, shops, and services
· Walking Tour guides of famous destinations including:
Famous moments in film
Radical politics
Public art
· Settling In, a guide to help even the greenest New Yorker become street-savvy
· Full-size maps of every neighborhood in the city
· A "Day to Day" section listing the essentials of each neighborhood

From the newest resident to the weekend visitor, Inside New York makes the most of your time in NYC. Check out the companion website,, for up-to-date reviews of restaurants and nightlife, as well as information on the latest attractions and events.

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About the Author

Inside New York is researched and written annually by a team of students from Columbia, New York University, The New School, and other New York City universities. In addition to publishing the guidebook, Inside New York staffers manage, a continually-updated resource for young newcomers to the city.

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