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Spectatorship: The Power of Looking On

Michele Aaron

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April, 2007
Paper, 144 pages,
ISBN: 978-1-905674-01-5
Wallflower Press
$22.00 / £15.00

This book cuts a lucid path through the debate on spectatorship. It revisits the classics of Hollywood; explores films beyond the mainstream, such as Dogme 95; and shows how cinema makes a spectacle of the everyday while turning the spectacular into something commonplace. It also muses on the consequences of our sharing in or witnessing the private or intimate acts of others and our enjoyment of events that often represent a gross break with legal and social mores.

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About the Author

Michele Aaron lectures on film in the American and Canadian Studies department at the University of Birmingham. She is the editor of New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader and has published various articles on spectatorship.

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