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Maitreya’s Distinguishing the Middle from the Extremes (Madhyāntavibhāga) Along with Vasubandhu’s Commentary (Madhyāntavibhāga-bhāsya): A Study and Annotated Translation

Mario D'Amato

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July, 2012
Cloth, 238 pages,
ISBN: 978-1-935011-05-7
American Institute of Buddhist Studies
$42.00 / £29.00

The Madhyantavibhaga is classified by later Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan traditions as belonging to the Yogacara school, and is considered to be one the treatises of Maitreya. The text offers a treatment of some key doctrines of the Mahayana, including the three-nature theory and the doctrine of emptiness, which is addressed in a specifically Yogcra manner. This volume is divided into two parts. The first part contains a study of the text, including an introduction to Yogacara philosophy, an overview of the Madhyantavibhaga-corpus, and a detailed exegesis of the text, incorporating interpretations offered in recent scholarship. The second part contains a fully annotated translation of the text and its commentary, making significant use of Sthiramati's subcommentary in the notes.

Published by American Institute of Buddhist Studies (AIBS)

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About the Author

Mario D'Amato is an associate professor of philosophy and religion at Rollins College.

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