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    • November 1986
    • 9780231063258
  • 328 Pages
  • Paperback
  • $34.00


The Kristeva Reader

Julia Kristeva. Edited by Toril Moi

An easily accessible introduction to Kristeva's work in English. The essays have been selected as representative of the three main areas of Kristeva's writing--semiotics, psychoanalysis, and political theory--and are each prefaced by a clear, instructive introduction. For beginners or those familiar with Kristeva's work this is a good complement to The Portable Kristeva with a convenient selection of articles from Kristeva's earlier work some of which are otherwise hard to come by.

About the Author

Julia Kristeva, internationally known psychoanalyst and critic, is Professor of Linguistics at the University de Paris VII. She has hosted a French television series and is the author of many critically acclaimed books published by Columbia University Press in translation, including Time and Sense: Proust and the Experience of Literature and the novel, Possessions.

Part 1: Linguistics, Semiotics, Textuality 1. The System and the Speaking Subject2. Word, Dialogue and Novel3. From Symbol to Sign4. Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science5. Revolution in Poetic LanguagePart 2: Women, Psychoanalysis, Politics 6. About Chinese Women7. Stabat Mater8. Women's Time9. The True-Real10. Freud and Love: Treatment and Its Discontents11. Why the United States?12. A New Type of Intellectual: The Dissident13. Psychoanalysis and the Polis