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    • October 2001
    • 9780231068130
  • 186 Pages
  • Paperback
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Empiricism and Subjectivity

An Essay on Hume's Theory of Human Nature

Gilles Deleuze. Translated by Constantin V. Boundas

At last available in paperback, this book anticipates and explains the post-structuralist turn to empiricism. Presenting a challenging reading of David Hume's philosophy, the work is invaluable for understanding the progress of Deleuze's thought.

About the Author

Gilles Deleuze was professor of philosophy at the Université de Paris VIII until his retirement in 1987. His books include Nietzsche and Philosophy, Dialogues, and The Logic of Sense, all published by Columbia.

Deleuze's treatment of the importance of the imagination in Hume's philosophy, together with the value of the associative mechanism, is highly commendable.

Preface to the English-Language EditionTranslator's Introduction: Deleuze, Emipiricism, and the Struggle for Subjectivity1. The Problem of Knowledge and the Problem of Ethics2. Cultural World and General Rules3. The Power of Imagination in Ethics and Knowledge4. God and the World5. Empiricism and SubjectivityPrinciples of Human NatureConclusion: Purposiveness