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    • May 1999
    • 9780231112857
  • 256 Pages
  • Paperback
  • $35.00
  • / £24.00


    • May 1999
    • 9780231112840
  • 256 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • $105.00
  • / £72.50


The Generational Equity Debate

Edited by John B. Williamson, Diane M. Watts-Roy and Eric R. Kingston

As the ranks of the elderly continue to swell and their social welfare becomes a complex and contentious policy issue, how will the United States balance the conflicting demographic and economic demands of providing for its older citizens--especially in light of the anticipated economic burden of the baby boom generation's impending retirement? These problems place the destiny of Social Security and health care at the epicenter of political discussion and debate, making a balanced perspective on these issues essential--particularly as the lives of millions of future Americans will be affected. The Generational Equity Debate offers social workers, policy analysts, political scientists, and sociologists, as well as general readers concerned about the fate of the elderly, a complete range of viewpoints on this vital subject.

About the Author

John B. Williamson is professor of sociology at Boston College, and has written extensively in the areas of aging policy and politics. He is the author or coauthor of fifteen books, including Aging and Public Policy and The Politics of Aging.Diane M. Watts-Roy, former director of the Alzheimer's Respite Program in LaGrange, Kentucky, is currently a doctoral student in sociology at Boston College.Eric R. Kingson, a professor of social work at Syracuse University, is the author or coauthor of five books on the economic, social, and political consequences of population aging.

Part I Introduction 1 Framing the Generational Equity Debate, by John B. Williamson and Diane Watts-RoyPart II The Generational Equity Frame 2 How Will America Pay for the Retirement of the Baby Boom Generation?, by Peter G. Peterson3 Generational Equity and the Birth of a Revolutionary Class, by Lester C. Thurow4 Generational Justice and Generational Accounting, by Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence J. Kotlikoff5 Care for the Elderly: What About Our Children?, by Richard D. Lamm6 Age-Based Rationing of Medical Care, by Daniel CallahanPart III The Generational Interdependence Frame 7 America Can Afford to Grow Old, by Alicia H. Munnell8 Social Security and the Myth of the Entitlement "Crisis", by Jill Quadagno9 Scapegoating the Old: Intergenerational Equity and Age-Based Health Care Rationing, by Robert H. Binstock10 Social Security and the Politics of Generational Conflict, by Theodore Marmor, Fay Lomax Cook, and Stephen Scher11 Why Privatizing Social Security is a Bad Idea, by Eric R. Kingson and John B. WilliamsonPart IV Voices from Generation X 12 Third Millennium DeclarationThird Millennium13 Agenda 20002030 Center