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French Global

A New Approach to Literary History

Edited by Christie McDonald and Susan Rubin Suleiman

Recasting French literary history in terms of the cultures and peoples that interacted within and outside of France's national boundaries, this volume offers a new way of looking at the history of a national literature, along with a truly global and contemporary understanding of language, literature, and culture.

The relationship between France's national territory and other regions of the world where French is spoken and written (most of them former colonies) has long been central to discussions of "Francophonie." Boldly expanding such discussions to the whole range of French literature, the essays in this volume explore spaces, mobilities, and multiplicities from the Middle Ages to today. They rethink literary history not in terms of national boundaries, as traditional literary histories have done, but in terms of a global paradigm that emphasizes border crossings and encounters with "others." Contributors offer new ways of reading canonical texts and considering other texts that are not part of the traditional canon. By emphasizing diverse conceptions of language, text, space, and nation, these essays establish a model approach that remains sensitive to the specificities of time and place and to the theoretical concerns informing the study of national literatures in the twenty-first century.

About the Author

Christie McDonald is Smith Professor of French Language and Literature and professor of comparative literature at Harvard University. Her books include The Extravagant Shepherd: A Study of the Pastoral Vision in Rousseau's Nouvelle Héloïse, Dispositions on Music and Text, The Dialogue of Writing: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Literature, and The Proustian Fabric.

Susan Rubin Suleiman is C. Douglas Dillon Professor of the Civilization of France and professor of comparative literature at Harvard University. Her books include Crises of Memory and the Second World War, Authoritarian Fictions: The Ideological Novel as a Literary Genre, and Subversive Intent: Gender, Politics, and the Avant-Garde.

French Global marks a unique and innovative approach to the history of "French" literary studies. It is the great merit and originality of this volume to propose an open, cross-cultural narrative of the heterogeneity that has always been a part of French literary production. This book is a welcome reference tool that offers students of French a useful guide to an alternative reading of French literature and literary history.

Mitchell Greenberg, Goldwin Smith Professor of Romance Studies, Cornell University

In a fascinating chronological series of mental voyages beyond the usual territorial boundaries, this comprehensive and rich compendium represents the beginning of the end—or perhaps the end—of 'national' literature, while retaining the specificity of a language of expression and helping us rethink the usual paradigms of French literature 'from the outside in,' as if 'Francophonie' had always existed.

Philip Stewart, Duke University

In our era of comparatism, world literature and 'littérature-monde,' cosmopolitanism, and universalism and migration, the idea of a national literature may well be obsolete. Yet this is not exactly what readers of French Global will find. Read together, these rewarding essays present a more fraught relation between the global and the national, or the local, and a more complex history leading to an accent on 'worlding' and cultural interconnections. Paradoxically, perhaps, they adumbrate a multifaceted series of specifically French conceptions of the global.

Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University

...a powerful and persuasive revision of the monumental and monolithic idea of French literature, redefined as a multifaceted process fraught with differences and contradictions and bearing the stamp of transnational movements.

Oana Panaite

French Global is an invaluable text for students and scholars of French-speaking literatures and cultures.

Arcana Albright

an innovative work first and foremost for reintroducing literary history as an approach to reading texts.

Maria Lupas

Introduction: The National and the Global, by 000Susan Rubin Suleiman and Christie McDonaldAcknowledgments, by 000Part I Spaces1. Worlding Medieval French, by 000Sharon Kinoshita2. "There's a New World Here": Pantagruel via Oronce Finé, by 000Tom Conley3. The Global and the Figural: Early Modern Reflections on Boundary-Crossing, by 000Jacob Vance4. Globality and Classicism: The Moralists Encounter the Self, by 000Eric Méchoulan5. From the Rectangle to the Globe: Theater in the Ancien Régime, by 000Jérôme Brillaud6. Planetary Perspectives in Enlightenment Fiction and Science, by 000Natasha Lee7. Homesickness in an Expanding World: The Case of the Nineteenth-Century Lyric, by 000Evelyne Ender8. Critical Conventions, Literary Landscapes, and Postcolonial Ecocriticism, by 000Françoise Lionnet9. Literature, Space, and the French Nation-State After the 1950s, by 000Verena Andermatt Conley10. All Over the Place: Global Women Writers and the Maghreb, by 000Alison RicePart II Mobilities11. Speaking the Other: Constructing Frenchness in Medieval England, by 000Kimberlee Campbell12. Walking East in the Renaissance, by 000Philip John Usher13. Versailles Meets the Taj Mahal, by 000Faith E. Beasley14. On the Ethnographic Imagination in the Eighteenth Century, by 000Christie McDonald15. The Slave Trade, La Françafrique, and the Globalization of French, by 000Christopher L. Miller16. The Voyage and Its Others: Nineteenth-Century Inscriptions of Mobility, by 000Janet Beizer17. Traffic in Translation: Rereading Supervielle, by 000Sylvia Molloy18. From the French Roman Colonial to the Francophone Postcolonial Novel:René Maran as Precursor, by 000F. Abiola Irele19. French Literature in the World System of Translation, by 000Gisèle Sapiro20. Intellectuals Without Borders, by 000Lawrence D. KritzmanPart III Multiplicities21. Language, Literature, and Identity in the Middle Ages, by 000Jacqueline Cerquiglini-Toulet22. Negotiating with Gender Otherness: French Literary History Revisited, by 000Danielle Haase-Dubosc23. Specters of Multiplicity: Eighteenth-Century Literature Revisited from the Outside In, by 000Yves Citton24. Speculation and Economic Xenophobia as Literary World Systems: The Nineteenth-Century Business Novel, by 000Emily Apter25. Jews and the Construction of French Identity from Balzac to Proust, by 000Maurice Samuels26. Traversal of Languages: The Québecois Laboratory, by 000Lise Gauvin27. Space, Identity, and Difference in Contemporary Fiction: Duras, Genet, Ndiaye, by 000Michael Sheringham28. "Présence Antillaise": Hybridity and the Contemporary French Literary Landscape, by 000Mylène Priam29. Choosing French: Language, Foreignness, and the Canon (Beckett/Némirovsky), by 000Susan Rubin SuleimanBibliographyList of Contributors, by 000Index, by 000