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    • May 2012
    • 9780231162135
  • 244 Pages
  • Paperback
  • $25.00
  • / £17.50


    • May 2012
    • 9780231162104
  • 244 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • $75.00
  • / £52.00


Hard to Swallow

Hard-Core Pornography on Screen

Claire Hines and Darren Kerr

Wallflower Press

Even in our increasingly sexualized culture hard-core pornography and the representation of explicit sex is still hard to swallow. This lively and provocative new collection of essays by leading scholars explores screen representations of pornography and sex in a variety of cultural, historical, and critical contexts. Contributions cover a wide range of topics from sex in the multiplex to online alt-porn, from women in stag films to the excesses of extreme pornography, and a variety of contemporary case studies including porn performance, fashion in hard-core, and gay and lesbian pornography.

About the Author

Claire Hines is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Southampton Solent University, UK. She is co-author of Fantasy (with Jacqueline Furby, 2011) and her research and publications focus on James Bond, men's magazines, and representations of gender and sexuality on screen. Darren Kerr is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Southampton Solent University, UK. He is co-editor of Tainted Love: Screening Sexual Perversities (with Donna Peberdy, 2012) and his research and publications focus on adaptation, pornography, and short films.

An excellent snapshot of porn studies as they are today and provides an insight into the range and quality of critical engagement with hardcore pornography in the industry, in the academy, and beyond.

Laura Ellen Joyce

Notes on ContributorsIntroduction: Is Hard-core Hard to Swallow?, by Claire Hines and Darren KerrPart One. Turned On: Hard-core Screen Cultures1. Pornography in the Multiplex, by Brian McNair2. The Dark Side of Hard-core: Critical Documentaries on the Sex Industry, by Karen Boyle3. Art School Sluts: Authenticity and the Aesthetics of Altporn, by Feona Attwood4. Pornogogy: Teaching the Titillating, by Mark Jones and Gerry CarlinPart Two. Come Again? Hard-core in History5. 'White Slavery', Or the Ethnography of 'Sexworkers', by Linda Williams6. Lost in Damnation: The Progressive Potential of Behind the Green Door, by Darren Kerr7. The Limits of Pleasure? Max Hardcore and Extreme Porn, by Stephen Maddison8. Playmates of the Caribbean: Taking Hollywood, Making Hard-core, by Claire HinesPart Three. Fluid Exchanges: Hard-core Forms and Aesthetics9. Fashionably Laid: The Styling of Hard-core, by Pamela Church Gibson and Neil Kirkham10. Shortbus: Highbrow Hard-core, by Beth Johnson11. Homespun: Finnporn and the Meanings of the Local, by Susanna Paasonen12. Reel Intercourse: Doing Sex on Camera, by Clarissa Smith13. Power Bottom: Performativity in Commercial Gay Pornographic Video, by John Mercer14. Interrogating Lesbian Pornography: Gender, Sexual Iconography and Spectatorship , by Rebecca BeirneSelected FilmographyIndex