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    • July 2008
    • 9780231141055
  • 384 Pages
  • Paperback
  • $28.00


    • July 2008
    • 9780231141048
  • 384 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • $85.00


    • September 2000
    • 9780231502696
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    • July 2008
    • 9780231511780
  • 384 Pages
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Presidential Debates

Fifty Years of High-Risk TV

Alan Schroeder

Alan Schroeder's popular history now covers the 2000 Bush-Gore and 2004 Bush-Kerry debates, including innovations in format and press coverage, and adds new research on televised debates since 1960. Schroeder organizes his book according to a television production timeline, highlighting the importance of pre- and postdebate periods, as well as the live telecasts themselves. He describes production in painstaking detail, from the selection of questioners to camera angles, from makeup to lighting and set design.

Televised debates represent a rare departure from well-choreographed campaigns, and new media such as YouTube continue to reshape form and content. Conducting interviews with journalists and industry insiders, and drawing on his own experience as an award-winning reporter and television producer, Schroeder delivers a fascinating backstage tour of every aspect of debate performance.

About the Author

Alan Schroeder, an associate professor in the School of Journalism at Northeastern University, has written extensively about the relationship between presidential politics and the media. He has also worked as a journalist, television producer, and diplomat.

Schroeder's 'tour' is a good one, sparked by lively writing and an eye for telling details.

Alan Schroeder's book gives readers an illuminating and detailed behind-the-scenes look at the debates that have shaped recent American history.

Tim Sampson

AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPart I: PreproductionChapter One: The Predebate DebateChapter Two: Strategy and PreparationChapter Three: Predebate News CoveragePart II: ProductionChapter Four: The DebatersChapter Five: The QuestionersChapter Six: The ProductionsPart III: PostproductionChapter Seven: Postdebate News CoverageChapter Eight: The AudienceConclusion: The Future of Presidential DebatesNotesReferencesSchedule of Televised Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates: 1960-1996Index