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    • September 2002
    • 9780231107662
  • 351 Pages
  • 2 Illustrations

  • Hardcover
  • $80.00


    • September 2002
    • 9780231505659
  • 351 Pages
  • 2 Illustrations

  • E-book
  • $79.99

Social Work Practice with Families and Children

Anthony Maluccio, Barbara Pine, and Elizabeth M. Tracy

This book emphasizes family-centered, social network, and school-based interventions in the preparation of social workers for direct and indirect practice with clients from vulnerable populations, especially the poor, people of color, and recent immigrant groups. With an eye to recent changes in social work practice and service delivery, including the impact of welfare reform and managed care on vulnerable families and children, Social Work Practice with Families and Children helps social work students and practitioners understand the increasingly complex needs of their clients. Three valuable appendixes include information about tools and instruments to support practice, child welfare resource centers, and electronic resources pertaining to the field.

About the Author

Anthony Maluccio is professor of social work at the Graduate School of Social Work at Boston College. He is coauthor of Teaching Family Reunification, Reconnecting Families: A Guide to Strengthening Family Reunification Services, and The Child Welfare Challenge: Policy, Practice, and Research.Barbara Pine is a professor at the University of Connecticut and coauthor of Teaching Family Reunification and Reconnecting Families: A Guide to Strengthening Family Reunification Services. Elizabeth Tracy is associate professor of social work at Case Western Reserve University's Mandel School of Applied Social Services. She is coeditor of Reaching High-Risk Families and coauthor of Person-Environment Practice: The Social Ecology of Interpersonal Helping.

Detailed, scholarly, balanced and a must-have for those who want to bring conceptual rigour and careful planning to interventions. It is a richly detailed, informed and balanced text and will be a lifeline for practitioners struggling to be effective in an increasingly complex area of pracice.

Part 1: Knowledge Base 1. Understanding Vulnerable Families and Their Children2. Risks and Vulnerabilities3. Supporting Families and Their Children4. Ethical IssuesPart 2: Practice Base 5. Engagement, Assessment, Case Planning, and Goal Setting6. Family-centered Intervention7. Social Network Intervention8. School-based InterventionPart 3: Looking to the Future 9. Evaluation of Practice and Service Delivery10. Future Challenges and OpportunitiesAppendices1. Tools and Instruments to Support Practice2. National Child Welfare Resource Centers3. Other Resource Centers and Information Sources4. Electronic Resources on Family and Children's Services5. Electronic Resources on Children's Special Needs and Exceptionalities6. Electronic Resources on Schools and Children's Education7. Electronic Resources on Health of Children and Adults8. Electronic Resources on System Reform and Advocacy for Children and Families9. Electronic Resources on Mentoring and Support Groups10. Informational and Training Materials on Alcohol and Substance Abuse