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    • December 2009
    • 9780231147965
  • 472 Pages

  • Paperback
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The Best American Magazine Writing 2009

Edited by The American Society of Magazine Editors; Introduction by Chris Anderson

More and more readers turn to The Best American Magazine Writing for their annual fix of the year's most captivating essays, columns, reporting, and criticism. Chosen from the winners and finalists of the 2009 National Magazine Awards, this year's selections include the haunting story by Chris Jones (Esquire) of an American soldier's final journey home; James Wood's brilliant critique of the award-winning novelist Marianne Robinson (The New Yorker); a compelling column by Naomi Klein (The Nation) on the return of class consciousness in America; two biting reviews of recent books on feminism by Sandra Tsing Loh (The Atlantic); and a moving and insightful account by David Lipsky (Rolling Stone) of David Foster Wallace in his final days.

Also featured are a fascinating report by Ryan Lizza (The New Yorker) on the political making of Barack Obama; an unforgettable profile by Hanna Rosin (The Atlantic) of a transgendered child struggling to be normal in rural America; absorbing reflections by Tom Chiarella (Esquire) on apprenticing as a butcher in an Indianapolis meat market; and an unusual look by Sean Flynn (GQ) at the legacy of the late singer and unstoppable personality, James Brown. Chris Anderson, popular commentator and author of the best-selling book The Long Tail adds his own, not-to-be-missed introduction. "Take a break from the screen and dive in," he writes. "I think you'll emerge, many pages later, no longer worrying about the future of print."

"A celebration of the venerable magazine and the kind of writing you can only find in magazines." — Marblehead Reporter

"Every piece in this collection is masterful. They are all beautifully written, deeply emotional and evocative." — Bruce Elder, The Sydney Morning Herald

Introduction, by Chris Anderson
Acknowledgments, by David Willey
1. Papa, by Sean Flynn
2. I Choose My Choice!, by Sandra Tsing Loh
3. The Things That Carried Him, by Chris Jones
4. Broken, by David Darlington
5. The Lost Years and Last Days of David Foster Wallace, by David Lipsky
6. Making It, by Ryan Lizza
7. Disowned by the Ownership Society, by Naomi Klein
8. Bleak Houses, by Paul Reyes
9. The Homecoming, by James Wood
10. Butcher, by Tom Chiarella
11. The Glass Stampede, by Justin Davidson
12. The Healing Season, by Selena Roberts
13. A Boy's Life, by Hanna Rosin
14. They Fought the Laws (of Supply and Demand), by and the Laws Won
15. Making Toast, by Roger Rosenblatt
16. The Source of All Things, by Tracy Ross
17. Vickie's Pour House: A Soldier's Peace, by Maureen McCoy
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