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    • September 2001
    • 9780231104319
  • 342 Pages
  • 24 Illustrations

  • Paperback
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    • April 1998
    • 9780231104302
  • 342 Pages
  • 24 Illustrations

  • Hardcover
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The Original Analects

Sayings of Confucius and His Successors

E. Bruce Brooks and A. Taeko Brooks

This new translation presents the Analects in a revolutionary new format that, for the first time in any language, distinguishes the original words of the Master from the later sayings of his disciples and their followers, enabling readers to experience China's most influential philosophical work in its true historical, social, and political context.

About the Author

E. Bruce Brooks is Research Professor of Chinese at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He has published studies on various aspects of textual analysis in Chinese and English.A. Taeko Brooks is the coauthor, with E. Bruce Brooks, of Chinese Character Frequency Lists and with him was the cofounder in 1993 of the Warring States Working Group.

The Original Analects is a remarkable book that ranks among the most significant and impressive works on Chinese thought ever published in English.

With the publication of this translation, scholars now have a fully developed interpretation of a single text with which to test the Brooks' hypotheses. Undoubtedly we have not heard the last or even the definitive word on dating texts in early China. But the Brooks should be credited with pushing the field one great step further along in its development.

The most exciting study of the Lun yu yet published in a Western language. Its potential implications are monumental, ranging from a rewriting of our understanding of early Confucianism and the nature of intellectual transmission in early China.

Its insightful readings and interpretive strategies stand to enrich our overall understanding of the Analects and its traditions.

Lisa Raphals

IntroductionThe Original Analects (LY)Confucius Himself LY 4The Early Circle LY 5 / LY 6The Dzvngd TransformationLY 7LY 8LY 9The Kung TransitionLY 10LY 11LY 3THe Hundred SchoolsLY 12LY 13LY 2The Last DebatesLY 14LY 15A Private InterludeLY 1LY 16Return to CourtLY 17LY 18The Conquest of LuLY 19LY 20Appendices1: The Accretion Theory of the Analects2: Developmental Patterns in the Analects3: A Window on the Hundred Schools4: Confucius and His Circle5: A reading of LY 1-4 in Text OrderApparatusWorks CitedRomanization Equivalence TableInterpolations Finding ListIndexAfterword