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    • December 1991
    • 9780231074353
  • 325 Pages

  • Paperback
  • $35.00
  • / £26.00


    • December 1991
    • 9780231515566
  • 325 Pages

  • E-book
  • $34.99
  • / £26.00

The Origins of Arab Nationalism

Edited by Rashid Khalidi, Lisa Anderson, Muhammad Muslih, and Reeva S. Simon

The Origins of Arab Nationalism contains the most recent revisionist scholarship on the rise of Arab nationalsim that began with the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The various contributors, including C. Ernest Down, Mahmoud Haddad, Reeva Simon, and Beth Baron, provide an unusually broad survey of the Arab world at the turn on the century, permitting a comparison of developments in a variety of settings from Syria and Egypt to the Hijaz, Libya, and Iraq.

"Represents a serious scholarly work. Introducing newly found archival materials and sources from the late Ottoman period, it constitutes a contribution to the study of nationalism in the Arab world." — Arab Studies Quarterly

"This seminal work will forge new paths for future historians of nationalism in the Arab world. It provides valuable information." — Arthur Goldschmidt, Jr., Pennsylvania State University

The Origins of Arab Nationalism: Introduction, by Rashid Kahlidi
Part 1. Issues in the Development of Early Arab Nationalism
1. The Origins of Arab Nationalism, by C. Ernest Dawn
2. The Yound Turks and the Arabs Before the Revolution of 1908, by M. Sukru Hanioglu
3. Ottomanism and Arabism in Syria Before 1914: A Reassessment, by Rashid Khalidi
Part 2. Syria and Iraq
4. Shukri al'Asali: A Case Study of a Political Activist, by Samir Seikaly
5. 'Abd al-Hamid al-Zahrawi: The Career and Thought of an Arab Nationalist, by Ahmed Tarabein
6. Iraq Before World War One: A Case of Anti-European Arab Ottomanism, by Mahmoud Haddad
7. The Education of an Iraqi Ottoman Officer, by Reeva S. Simon
8. The Rise of Local Nationalism in the Arab East, by Muhammad Muslih
Part 3. The Hijaz
9. Iranic Origins: Arab Nationalism in the Hijaz, 1882-1914, by William Ochsenwald
10. The Hashemites, The Arab Revolt, and Arab Nationalism, by Mary C. Wilson
Part 4. Northeast Africa
11. The Development of Nationalist Sentiment in Lybia, 1908-1922, by Lisa Anderson
12. Egypt and Early Arab Nationalism, 1908-1922, by James Jankowski
13. Mothers, Morality, and Nationalism in pre-1919 Egypt, by Beth Baron

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