Wallflower specializes in academic literature devoted to cinema and the moving image.

Founded in 2000, and becoming an imprint of Columbia University Press in 2011, Wallflower publishes intellectually rigorous works for film scholars, students, and cinephiles. In addition to a wide range of stand-alone titles from across the spectrum of contemporary world cinema studies are the four main pillars of the Wallflower list: books in the Short Cuts series offer concise introductory treatments of foundational concepts in film theory, genres and history; the Directors’ Cuts books provide detailed studies of significant contemporary international filmmakers; and books in the Nonfictions series examine current and emerging trends in documentary and other nonfiction film forms.

Other series include 24 Frames, which explores national and regional cinema via specially-curated volumes that select twenty-four key films from each territory around the world; Dekalog, a list of edited anthologies on specific subjects which include the writings of film scholars, critics, programmers, museum curators, and others cinephiles; and Cultographies, which focus on individual cult films, primarily from a reception studies perspective.

Wallflower publishes a roughly half a dozen new titles each year within these series and beyond. We look for books that can engage film scholars, students, and cinephiles through a combination of academic rigor, appropriate critical approach, and timely subject matter.

For any questions regarding Wallflower, please contact Ryan Groendyk at rg3021@columbia.edu.