1. Caelyn Cobb

    Caelyn Cobb

    Major geopolitical shifts in the contemporary world have opened up many exciting, new intellectual pursuits in the field of global history. Our list recognizes that, while we live in an ever more interconnected world, knowledge of the past is essential to understanding the present and the future. We seek innovative scholarly and general-interest books in Asian, […]

  2. Christine Dunbar

    Christine Dunbar

    Asian literature in translation formed the bedrock of Columbia’s list in Asian Studies for close to 60 years. The ideal translation – either premodern or modern – has a solid grounding in scholarship and provides a new understanding of an essential source, or makes a canonical work of history, philosophy, or fiction accessible in literary […]

  3. Eric Schwartz

    Eric Schwartz

    Sociology at Columbia University Press focuses on books that engage the subject of inequality from a range of domains and methodologies. Core topics for the list are culture, organizations, community, race, and public health. We prize books that are grounded in rich, new empirical research and are theoretically generative, as well as books that are […]

  4. Jennifer Crewe

    Jennifer Crewe

    One of the first scholarly presses to develop a list in the history and science of food, we focus on humanistic approaches to food—history and culture—and on food science.  The ideal book presents original scholarship but is accessible to a general readership. Works on the science of flavor and sustainability are of strong interest.  

  5. Miranda Martin

    Miranda Martin

    The publishing program in the sciences at Columbia spans a range of disciplines that teach us about our past and guide us into the future. We focus particularly on earth and climate science, paleontology, and neuroscience, all with an eye to exciting discovery.

  6. Myles C. Thompson

    Myles C. Thompson

    The Columbia Business School Publishing imprint reflects the mission of Columbia Business School to develop entrepreneur’s who create value for their stakeholders and their community. We publish books that bridge academic research and business practice, with positive effects on how business is conducted within our global society. The list features work in value investing – […]

  7. Philip Leventhal

    Philip Leventhal

    Film studies is anchored by the Film and Culture Series, which publishes books that combine critical approaches to cinema and media with archival based research in the history of the film industry, including production, technology, exhibition, and film’s relationship to society. We also look for books that develop new theoretical approaches to film and media with an increasing […]

  8. Stephen Wesley

    Stephen Wesley

    Columbia’s list in American politics and foreign relations publishes monographs and trade books of all methodologies and ideologies on the questions that animate contemporary political debate. We look for fresh arguments on political behavior and public opinion, policy, race and social issues, carceral studies, and US political history. The list in foreign affairs is moored by […]

  9. Wendy Lochner

    Wendy Lochner

    Animal studies is an emerging field that builds on scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to investigate past and present relations between human and nonhuman animals and their social, political, and ecological effects in and on the world. Critical life studies investigate the persistence of humanism in structures of thought and the figure […]