Wendy Lochner


Subject areas:

Animal Studies; Philosophy; Political Science (Political Theory); Religion

Animal studies is an emerging field that builds on scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to investigate past and present relations between human and nonhuman animals and their social, political, and ecological effects in and on the world. Critical life studies investigate the persistence of humanism in structures of thought and the figure of life as a constitutive focus for political, ontological, and epistemological questions. Columbia’s innovative and field-leading list in these broad interdisciplinary areas is driven by original thinking in biological sciences, environmental studies, and ethology and its implications for ethics and the anthropocene. Columbia authors come from philosophy, sociology, natural science, cognitive science, environmental humanities, and other fields; all share the aims of translating complex theory into practical applications. Series include Critical Perspectives on Animals and Critical Life Studies.

Philosophy publishing at Columbia specializes in contemporary continental philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis, neurophilosophy, Asian, and feminist philosophy. Our aim is to bring conversations and ideas emerging in the academy into the broader public sphere and to engage scholars in literary studies, aesthetics, media studies, environmental studies, and psychology. Press philosophy series include Columbia Themes in Philosophy; Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts; New Directions in Critical Theory; European Perspectives; Gender and Culture; and the Wellek Lectures.

Our political theory list is continental in focus and highly imbricated with lists in political theology, critical theory, postcolonial theory, political philosophy, and European, Asian, and Middle Eastern history. Our authors seek to intervene theoretically and practically in issues involving global conflict, reconciliation, and justice, always with a strong commitment to radical democracy. Leading series include Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History and Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture.

Religion at Columbia University Press is global in nature and we are known for our titles in Asian religions, Islam, and diasporic American religions. Interdisciplinary to its core, our authors are often trained in anthropology, sociology, theology, history, and area studies as well as religious studies. A key component of the list is the engagement of contemporary religions with other disciplines including politics, neuroscience, Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, and gender studies. Among Columbia’s series in this area are the American Academy of Religion Lectures in the History of Religions; Gender, Theory, and Religion; and Religion, Culture, and Public Life.