Sound Files for How to Read Chinese Poetry

Sound Files for How To Read Chinese Poetry

Below are links to mp3 files to listen to selected poems from How to Read Chinese Poetry edited by Zong-qi Cai.

Chapter 1: Tetrasyllabic Shi Poetry: The Book  of Poetry (Shijing)

1.1  "The Grove at Zhu" (mp3) | (pdf)
1.2  "The Peach Tree Tender" (mp3) | (pdf)
1.6  "The Retiring Girl" (mp3) | (pdf)
1.10  "The Kudzu Vine Grows Longer" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 2: Sao Poetry: The Lyrics of Chu (Chuci)

2.2  "The Lady of the Xiang River" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 4: Shi Poetry: Music Bureau Poems (Yuefu)

4.4  "We Fought South of the Walls" (mp3) | (pdf)
4.6  "There Is One I Love" (mp3) | (pdf)
4.8  "Mulberry Along the Lane" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 5: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: The "Nineteen Old Poems"

5.1  "No. 1, On and On, Again On and On [You Go] (mp3) | (pdf)
5.2  "No. 3, Green, Green Grows the Cypress on the Hilltop" (mp3) | (pdf)
5.3  "No. 13, I Ride My Carriage to the Upper East Gate" (mp3) | (pdf)
5.4  "No. 5, I Cross the River to Pluck Hibiscus Flowers" (mp3) | (pdf)
5.7  "Bright Moon Shines in the Clear Night, No. 7" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 6: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: Landscape and Farmstead Poems

6.1  "Returning to Live on the Farm, No. 1" (mp3) | (pdf)
6.2  "On Drinking Wine, No. 5" (mp3) | (pdf)
6.3  "On Drinking Wine, No. 7" (mp3) | (pdf)
6.4  "On Moving House, No. 2" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 7: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: New Topics

7.1  "An Outing to the Eastern Field" (mp3) | (pdf)
7.2  "Jade Stairs Resentment" (mp3) | (pdf)
7.3  "Autumn Evening" (mp3) | (pdf)
7.5  "On Clouds" (mp3) | (pdf)
7.6  "On a Fair Lady Viewing a Painting" (mp3) | (pdf)
7.7  "On a Lone Duck" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 8: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Pentasyllabic Regulated Verse (Wuyan Lushi)

8.1  "Spring Scene"  (mp3) | (pdf)
8.2  "The Jiang and Han Rivers" (mp3) | (pdf)
8.3  "Climbing the Yueyang Tower with Xia Shi'er" (mp3) | (pdf)
8.4  "Zhongnan Mountain" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 9: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Heptasyllabic Regulated Verse (Qiyan Lushi)

9.6  Sui Palace (mp3) | (pdf)
9.8  Brocade Zither (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 10: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Quatrains (Jueju)

10.1  "Ziye Song" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.2  "In Praise of Pear Blossoms on the Pond" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.3  "Spring Lament" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.4  "Miscellaneous Poems, No. 2" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.5  "Climbing Crane Tower" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.6  "The Deer Fence" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.7  "Calling-Bird Brook" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.8  "Quiet Night Thoughts" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.9  "Amusing Myself" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.10  "Lament of the Jade Stairs" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.11  "Following the Army" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.12  "Autumn Songs of the Hall of Abiding Faith" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.13  "Sending Off Meng Haoran to Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.15  "Red Cliff" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.16  "Dispelling Sorrow" (mp3) | (pdf)
10.17  "Chang'e" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 11: Ancient-Style Shi Poetry: Continuation and Changes

11.2  "A Song on Ascending Youzhou Terrace" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 12: Ci Poetry: Short Song Lyrics (Xiaoling)

12.1  To the Tune "Crows Call at Night" (or "Pleasure at Meeting" [Xiang jian huan]) (mp3) | (pdf)
12.2  To the Tune "Southern Tune," No. 1 (mp3) | (pdf)
12.3  To the Tune "Southern Tune," No. 2 (mp3) | (pdf)
12.4  To the Tune "On the Water Clock at Night" (mp3) | (pdf)
12.5  To the Tune "Buddha-Like Barbarian" (mp3) | (pdf)
12.6  To the Tune "Audience at Golden Gate" (mp3) | (pdf)
12.7  To the Tune "Beautiful Lady Yu" (mp3) | (pdf)
12.8  To the Tune "Butterflies Lingering Over Flowers" (or "Magpie Perching on a Branch" [Que ta zhi]) (mp3) | (pdf)
12.9  To the Tune "Sand in Silk-Washing Stream" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 13: Ci Poetry: Long Song Lyrics (Manci)

13.1  To the Tune "Eight Beats of a Ganzhou Song" (mp3) | (pdf)
13.2  To the Tune "Prelude to the River Tune" (mp3) | (pdf)
13.3  To the Tune "The Charm of Niannu": Meditation on the Past at Red Cliff (mp3) | (pdf)
13.4  To the Tune "One Beat Followed by Another, a Long Tune" (mp3) | (pdf)
13.5  To the Tune "Congratulating the Bridegroom" (mp3) | (pdf)
13.6  To the Tune "Groping for Fish" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 14: Ci Poetry: Long Song Lyrics on Objects (Youngwu Ci)

14.1  "Secret Fragrance" (mp3) | (pdf)
14.2  "Dappled Shadows" (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 15: Shi Poetry: Ancient and Recent Styles

15.1  "Small Plum Tree in a Garden in the Hills, No. 1" (mp3) | (pdf)
15.2  "Lament for My Wife, Part 1" (mp3) | (pdf), "Part 2" (mp3) | (pdf), "Part 3" (mp3) | (pdf)
15.4  "Written on Master Huyin's Wall, No. 1" (mp3) | (pdf)
15.5  "As Dawn Approached on an Autumn Night, I Went Out My Bramble Gate and, Met by Chilly Air, Was Moved to This, No. 2" (mp3) | (pdf)
15.6  "An Outing to Villages West of the Mountains (mp3) | (pdf)
15.9  "Fields and Gardens Through the Four Seasons, Random Inspiration: Autumn, No. 44" (mp3) | (pdf)

Qu Poetry: Song Poems (Sanqu) of the Yuan Dynasty

16.1  To the Tune "The Unbreakable String" [shuangdiao key]: "Fat Couple" (mp3)(pdf)
16.3  To the Tune "Sky-Clear Sand" [yuediao key]: "Autumn Thoughts" (mp3) | (pdf)
16.4  To the Tune "Sheep on Mountain Slope" [zhonglü key]: "Meditation on the Past at Tong Pass (mp3) | (pdf)
16.6  To the Tune "Lüyaobian" [zhennggong key]: "Of Myself" (mp3) | (pdf)
16.7  To the Tune "A Half" [xianlü key]: "On Love" (mp3) | (pdf)
16.9  To the Tune "Spring Song" [zhonglü key]: "On Love" (mp3) | (pdf)
16.10  To the Tune "Heaven in a Drunkard's Eye" [xianlü key]: On the Big Butterfly (mp3)  | (pdf)

Chapter 17: Shi Poetry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

17.13  "On a Summer Day: Dwelling in the Mountains" (mp3) | (pdf)