Please place requests for coursepack use through the Copyright Clearance Center, which handles all coursepack-related requests for CUP.

If a title is not available through the Copyright Clearance Center, please address your request to the Press using our permissions request form, which can be downloaded below. Instead of completing part I(3), which asks for information about your publication, please give the course description and enrollment.

Requests for copying an entire out of print book for classroom use should also be addressed directly to the Press.

Students With Print Disabilities

We partner with BOOKSHARE®, a free accessible online library for people with print disabilities, to provide electronic files for print-disabled students in the United States. If your institution is not located in the U.S. or if you need to request a title that is not available via BOOKSHARE®, please e-mail us.

Reprint Permissions

In an effort to make our permissions process more efficient, we now provide a permissions request form that can be downloaded, completed, and returned to us by e-mail. Please read the following instructions before submitting your request.

  • E-mail is the fastest way to reach us. Requests may also be sent through fax or snail mail.
  • The permissions request form is a fillable PDF. Please make sure you download the file and save your changes before attaching it to your e-mail. Our response time to each request depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the form.
  • If you are requesting material from multiple Columbia University Press titles, please use one form per title. You may use a single form to request multiple excerpts from one title.
  • If you are able to do so, please include a scan of the excerpt requested and the copyright page from the Columbia University Press book. This will help us process your request more quickly.
  • If we are indeed the rights holder, we will return the processed form to you and provide a fee quote.

Download our permissions request form
E-mail us:

Other rights inquiries

For information on subsidiary rights, please e-mail Justine Evans.
For foreign-language licensing, you may also contact our international subagents directly.