Voice of America

Pub Date: June 2006

ISBN: 9780231126755

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Pub Date: July 2003

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Voice of America

A History

Alan L. Heil Jr.

Columbia University Press

Here is the inside story of one of our most important government services, a history of an organization known to millions of people around the globe but to only a handful of Americans. Heil's book celebrates this nation's dedication to the practical application of its democratic foundations—our freedom of speech and press. Walter Cronkite
Voice of America: A History, the first comprehensive history of hte VOA since the mid-1980s,... is a valuable account that deserve a wide readership, both within the Foreign Service and among the general public. Steven Alan Honley, Foreign Service Journal
For those wondering why, in the presence of global commercial news networks, there is still a need for the Voice of America.... Heil's comprehensive history of America's largest publicly funded overseas broadcasting network surely provides a most comprehensive answer. The Economist
[Heil's] familiarity with both the nitty-gritty and the larger issues surrounding "the Voice," as the VOA is commonly known, does much to make the story come alive, as do the anecdotes and transcripts of radio broadcasts he intersperses throughout the narrative... this is a valuable account that deserves a wide readership. Foreign Service Journal
Voice of America: A History effectively chronicles an important corner of American cultural history. Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer
Heil's book is a must read for anyone who is interested in enhancing America's standing in the world. Walter R. Roberts, Mediterranean Quarterly
Heil, who spent 36 years at the Voice, was uniquely placed to writeVoice of America: A History, a comprehensive and captivating insight... stretching from the launch of the service in February 1942 to its 60th anniversary. Morand Fachot, DIFFUSION online
Anyone looking for a richer understanding of recent international information activities will find this work worthwhile. Laura A. Belmont, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
The breadth and scope of this book mean it is essential reading for all those involved--or with an interest--in public diplomacy, international affairs and the media. Morand Fachot, International Affairs
Well worth a place in the library of every instructor of the history of America media. American Journalism
Voice of America is an important contribution to the history of international broadcasting and a well-written potpourri of interesting information. John Jenks, Jhistory, H-Net
Tiananmen: The Burden of Truth
The Struggle to Get It Straight: The Early Years
The 50s and 60s: Forging a More Credible Voice
The VOA Correspondent: To the Ends of the Earth
From Here to Everywhere: Building a Global Network
Into the Citadel of "Ramshackle Excellence"
The Struggle to Get It Straight: The Charter as Law
The Independence Debate: Up to the Brink and Back
The Tumultuous 80s: A Lost Horizon Regained
The Epochal Years: 1969 and 1989
Out of Africa: The Triumph of Straight Talk
On Language: Words and Their Stories
Music: The Universal Language
To the Roof of the World: The Tibetan Service Miracle
Middle East Flashbacks: VOA and the Wars of '67 and '91
Into the 90s: The Brave New World of Multimedia
The Struggle to Get It Straight: Independence at the New Millennium
America's Voice: A Voice for the Voiceless
Yearning to Breathe Free: Tales of Great VOA Escapes
The Struggle Goes On: VOA at the Dawn of the 21st Century

About the Author

Alan L. Heil Jr. worked for the Voice of America from 1962 until he retired in 1998. He held various positions at VOA, including foreign correspondent, chief of news and current affairs, and deputy director.