Suburban Fantastic Cinema

Pub Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780231189958

Format: Paperback

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Pub Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780231548632

Format: E-book

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Suburban Fantastic Cinema

Growing Up in the Late Twentieth Century

Angus McFadzean

Wallflower Press

Suburban Fantastic Cinema is a master class in film genre criticism. It offers careful and close analysis of the films in its corpus, and is a great example of how much meaning is latent in popular films that are sometimes dismissed as merely juvenile or crassly commercial. Bradley Schauer, University of Arizona
Suburban Fantastic Cinema offers thorough, knowledgeable, and erudite criticism of an important subgenre of American cinema, one that has previously been only cursorily explored in the literature despite its deep ideological, aesthetic, and economic influences. James Kendrick, Baylor University
1. Early Spielberg and Amblin Productions, 1981–85
2. Hollywood and Independent Productions, 1983–99
3. Masculinity
4. Media
5. Multinational Capital
6. Hollywood Productions, 1999–2019

About the Author

Angus McFadzean is a tutor in English literature at the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education.