Twenty-First-Century Hollywood

Pub Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780231191593

Format: Paperback

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Pub Date: March 2019

ISBN: 9780231549455

Format: E-book

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Twenty-First-Century Hollywood

Rebooting the System

Neil Archer

Wallflower Press

Surveying the industrial landscape and the dominant formal-aesthetic issues at stake, Twenty-First-Century Hollywood offers an insightful and engaging synthesis of many of the most important approaches to contemporary Hollywood. Archer's close readings and case studies persuasively demonstrate how forces such as marketing, synergy, and franchising have shaped many recent Hollywood films. Tom Schatz, University of Texas at Austin
Introduction: Rebooted?
1. Why Can’t Hollywood Rely on Flying Saucers? Industry, Audience and Franchise Logic
2. What Does Hollywood Really Like About Comic Books? Structure and Style in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe
3. Is Hollywood Saving the World, or Is the World Saving Hollywood? Industrial Authorship and Experimental Blockbusters
4. Why Are the Most Grown-Up Films Made for Children? Ways of Playing in the Family Film

About the Author

Neil Archer is a lecturer in film at Keele University. He is the author of The Road Movie: In Search of Meaning (Wallflower, 2016), Hot Fuzz (Auteur, 2015), and The Bourne Ultimatum (Auteur, 2012).