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Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism

Series editors: Louis Hyman, Bethany Moreton, and Julia Ott

Capitalism in American history has served as an engine of growth, a source of inequality, and a catalyst for reform. While remaking our material world, it has altered our most fundamental experiences of race, gender, sexuality, nation -- even human nature itself. The end of the Cold War and the onset of economic crises in the last decade have pushed capitalism to the forefront of the scholarly agenda. American historians have begun new interdisciplinary conversations about the economic order by alloying novel methods of social and cultural analysis with the traditions of labor and business history. This series takes the full measure of capitalism's complexity, placing it squarely back at the center of the American experience by taking history “from the bottom up” all the way to the top.

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Forthcoming Books:

From Head Shops to Whole Foods: How Activist Entrepreneurs Remade Retail and Public Life, by Joshua Clark Davis

The Good Consumer: A History of Credit Surveillance and Financial Identity in America
, by Josh Lauer

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