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Columbia Business School Publishing

Columbia Business School Publishing extends Columbia Business School's commitment to bridging academic research and business practice, and reaching the global academic and business communities. By leveraging knowledge gained through innovative research and professional experiences, CBSP seeks to publish books that incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset promoted by the business school. The program is inclusive, multi-format, and interdisciplinary. It adheres to quality standards that attract influential authors and disseminates their ideas to the world of academia, professionals, and university classrooms globally.

The publisher for Columbia Business School Publishing is Myles Thompson. You can also keep up with Columbia Business School Publishing on Twitter!

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Recent titles include:

Passion for Reality Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot

Michael Yogg

"This book is thoroughly researched, comprehensive, candid, elegantly written, and eminently readable. I applaud it as a vital link to returning the mutual fund industry to the high fiduciary standards that were once its hallmark." — John C. Bogle

In Translation How Finance Is Shaping the Economies of China, Japan, and Korea

Edited by Yung Chul Park and Hugh Patrick

"Finance and its regulation are controversial, and nowhere are they more controversial than in Asia. But no one can claim more experience and knowledge of the controversy than Yung Chul Park and Hugh Patrick. This volume will be of equal interest to China, Japan, and Korea specialists, and general readers alike." — Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley

In Translation Smart Machines: IBM’s Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing

John E. Kelly III and Steve Hamm

"IBM's Watson is one of the most important technological breakthroughs in decades, and this is the go-to book for understanding what this new technology is all about and how it will change your life." — Tyler Cowen, George Mason University

In Translation Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works

Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin Bennett

"This book offers a solid, in-depth look at the power of design thinking to solve organizational problems. Better yet, through real-life examples, it demonstrates a far more important skill: how to uncover the more urgent problems lurking beneath the surface. The authors brilliantly reveal how the design mindset can permeate—and then transform—an organization." — Daniel Pink

VIDEO: Jeanne Liedtka on Solving Problems with Design Thinking


The World’s First Stock Exchange, Lodewijk Petram The World’s First Stock Exchange

Lodewijk Petram

"Petram’s informed and lively account of Amsterdam’s 17th-century securities market demonstrates that when it comes to investing and speculating we have not progressed much in four centuries." — Richard Sylla, NYU Stern School of Business

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