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National Translation Month started on Saturday. Check our blog next week for a guest blog posts from new and backlist titles in translation. In the meantime, check out last month’s post about Women in Translation.

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To continue our immersion into National Translation Month, we’ve compiled a weekend reading list of translated philosophical books for you to expand your mind’s eye beyond language barriers and borders. •  •  •  •  •  • From the Translations from the Asian Classics series For an insider’s perspective, read this guest blog post by Yuri
“This thorough study and complete translation of The Book of Lord Shang is a major achievement. It will open many avenues for research into early political thought, a long neglected core topic of early Chinese philosophy.” Carine Defoort, coeditor, The Mozi as an Evolving Text: Different Voices in Early Chinese Thought Compiled in China in
“No one in the world is more qualified than Yuri Pines to present this new translation of the infamous The Book of Lord Shang, which has both fascinated and repelled readers throughout Chinese history. Accompanied by a superbly informed study of Lord Shang’s place in his political context and the reliability of the text attributed
Our weekly list of new books is now available! A Philosophy of the Insect Jean-Marc Drouin. Translated by Anne Trager. The Wake of Crows Living and Dying in Shared Worlds Thom van Dooren What Slaveholders Think How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick Non-Consensus Investing Being Right When Everyone Else Is Wrong Rupal
“Pines’ fluent and precise translation guarantees readers in the field of Sinology or Chinese studies with a very useful edition of this classic. Those without such a background will also find the clear and comprehensible text an enjoyable read.” ~ Journal of Chinese Military History Welcome to National Translation Month! This month, we’ll be featuring guest