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Mark Saunders was a committed member of the Association of University Presses (AUP) community, and his loss is being felt profoundly by many of us both professionally and personally. Mark’s advice, knowledge, humor, and genuine concern for others had a significant impact on us. To honor his memory, this week, the AUP has come together to celebrate the people in our industry who embody Mark’s spirit through a special blog tour. Please follow along on social media with the hashtags #ReadUP #WeAreUP  and check our blog daily posts.

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Mark Saunders death sparked a conversation about the culture of collaboration in our industry. To honor his memory, the AUP held a blog tour to honor the leaders, mentors, and collaborators who ensure the success of the university presses. •  •  •  •  •  • Reflections About Mark Saunders Mark Saunders University of Virginia Press
“A deeply moving, vivid, funny, tender, sexy, rough-around-the-edges memory novel of early-nineties San Francisco when AIDS was claiming lives but also when sexual, cultural, and political walls were falling and everything seemed possible. This is a rare account of that time and place from a straight man who opened his mind and heart to everyone
2019 BiblioU attendees “ In writing this post and reading about Mark Saunders and these testimonials, I’ve realized how lucky and proud I am to work in university press community. The support of my mentors, advisers, and cheerleaders has come in many forms, and I am thankful to each and every one of them.” ~ Maritza
Photo: Courtesy of Gene Taft. Michael McCullough (left), Mark Saunders (center), Dimity Berkner (right) at the American Booksellers Association Annual Meeting, 1993 “Directly and indirectly, Mark is responsible for long legacy of success at Columbia University Press and for a network of friendships across the university press community.” ~ Melissanne Scheld, executive director at Dryad
Our weekly listing of new books is now available! Robert Rauschenberg An Oral History Edited by Sara Sinclair with Peter Bearman and Mary Marshall Clark Antidemocracy in America Truth, Power, and the Republic at Risk Edited by Eric Klinenberg, Caitlin Zaloom, and Sharon Marcus In the Ruins of Neoliberalism The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in