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Congratulations to professor Haruo Shirane for his book Japan and the Culture of The Four Seasons, which was awarded the 2019 Yamagata Banto Prize given by the city of Osaka, Japan!


It’s National Poetry Month, and we’re celebrating by running a month-long raffle!  and featured titles about poetry.  In honor of Earth Day, we’ll also be offering you a chance to win a copy of one of our most recent releases in environmental studies. Check our blog each day for guest posts from authors, book excerpts, or media roundups!

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In yesterday’s post, you read an excerpt from a chapbook published within the Islands or Continents collection called How Can I Call What is Between Us a Past, by Adonis. Today, in a continued celebration of National Poetry Month, we are featuring an excerpt from the 2015 collection called Poetry and Conflict, a product of the International Poetry Nights
“Maguire comes across as bright and personable, clever and focused without ever wallowing in jargon, and perhaps most importantly of all, aware that ISOYG is not a perfect film whilst still eminently worth of a closer look. A well-written piece of work, the book could easily reward fans as much as students and it’s well
Yesterday, as part of our National Poetry Month celebration, we introduced you to the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (IPNHK) chapbooks. Published by the Chinese University Press, these chapbooks are written by each participant and include the poems in the author’s native language, English, and Chinese. Today, we’re featuring an excerpt from How Can I Call What is
“Cook’s tome is a first-principles, comprehensive, and up-to-date exposition of drought, including its drivers and consequences, by a major player working at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary science. The book is perfectly organized, written, and illustrated, with the early chapters on hydrology and climate laying the needed groundwork for the reader to truly appreciate the
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (IPNHK) is an award-winning biennial poetry festival established by renowned contemporary Chinese poet Bei Dao. Since its debut in 2009 in Hong Kong, IPNHK has become the most influential series of international poetry events in the sinophone areas and has delivered internationally acclaimed poets’ thoughts and ideas about poetry