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We are pleased to announce the release of our Fall 2019 catalog. Please take a moment to explore our forthcoming titles.

Tuesday, May 21 is comment for the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. In honor of the school’s alumni, we are featuring excerpts from The Cairing Heirs of Doctor Samuel Bard on our blog Monday through Friday.

May 20-24 is Russian Literature week. To celebrate, we have co-sponsored free events with Read Russia, and will be featuring books excerpts from our Russian Library series all week.

We will be offering a 30% discount on all of this week’s featured titles. Check our blog each day to get the coupon codes.

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It’s the final day of Russian Literature Week. We’ve celebrated all week by sharing events and excerpts from our Russian Library series. Today’s we are sharing an excerpt from a compilation of Konstantin Batyushklov’s work. The final Russian Literature Week event will be held tonight at Book Culture in New York City and will include
Photo credit: Peter Wortsman The only MD in the entire county, tending to the health needs of some 3,600 people. Her patient pool includes many destitute individuals, some of whom cross state lines from nearby Alabama to seek care. Dr. Karen Kinsell ’93 Primary Care Practitioner Master of Public Health Our final spotlight on renown graduates of Columbia University’s Vagelos College
Our second #TranslationThursday post brings you an excerpt from Between Dog and Wolf, a novel by Sahsa Sokolov. In honor of of Russian Literature Week, we have shared an excerpts from titles published in our Russian Library series. Russian Literature Week ends tomorrow with an event celebrating Russian literature at Book Culture in New York
All week we have been sharing excerpts from our Russian Library series in honor of Russian Literature Week. Today, for #TranslationThursday, we’re sharing two excerpts for your reading enjoyment. First up, we have an excerpt from Iliazd’s novel Rapture. If you are in New York City, translator Thomas Kitson has curated an exhibit of Iliazd’s
Photo credit: Peter Wortsman Following a long career devoted to the care of the world’s most vulnerable,including refugees, the homeless, and the incarcerated, Dr. Coady succumbed toovarian cancer in 2018. Davida Coady ’65 A Doctor Devoted to the Care of Disadvantaged Children, Refugees, Addicts, and Lifers Pediatrician International health activist Substance-abuse specialist Our spotlight on renown