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This week we have two featured title! Check out this week’s post about Allies of Convenienceby Evan N. Resnick, and Social Media and the Public Interest, by Philip M. Napoli. Enter our drawings for your chance to win a copy of these books!

New Release Alert! After the Crash is an innovative analysis of the 2008 financial crisis and its ongoing effects on the global regulatory, financial, and political landscape, with timely discussions of the key issues for our economic future.

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 “Standard bargaining theories are puzzled by the ability of allies that are not only weak but also distasteful to get so much advantage when dealing with the United States. In an important contribution, Evan N. Resnick shows that the answer lies in the open nature of the American domestic political system that allows the
Our weekly list of new books is now available! Auteur From the Devil’s Advocates series Shivers Luke Aspell Shivers (1975) was David Cronenberg’s first commercial feature and his first horror film. Luke Aspell’s analysis addresses shot composition, lighting, cinematographic texture, sound, the use of stock music, editing, costume, make-up, optical work, the screenplay, the casting,
“Resnick’s Allies of Convenience is an incisive analysis of the role of alliances in U. S. foreign policy. This book will be of interest not only to international relations scholars but also to the current architects of American foreign policy. Coming at a time when alliances are currently being questioned and reevaluated, this book is a most
“Napoli takes up the daunting challenge of lassoing and taming the wild social media beasts that have wreaked so much havoc in democracies around the world. This book is bold, clear, and necessary. Readers of this book will gain a deep historical understanding of the complex relationship among social media platforms, news producers, citizens, and
“Drawing on the history of U.S. media regulation, Napoli offers an insightful framework for reimagining how social media can serve the public interest. Social Media and the Public Interest is an essential text for policy makers and those struggling to reduce the harm of caustic content and misinformation.” ~danah boyd, author of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of