Globalized Arts

The Entertainment Economy and Cultural Identity

J. P. Singh

Columbia University Press

Globalized Arts

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Pub Date: April 2014

ISBN: 9780231147194

240 Pages

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Globalized Arts

The Entertainment Economy and Cultural Identity

J. P. Singh

Columbia University Press

Our interactive world can take a creative product, such as a Hollywood film, Bollywood song, or Latin American telenovela, and transform it into a source of cultural anxiety. What does this artwork say about the artist or the world she works in? How will these artworks evolve in the global market? Film, music, television, and the performing arts enter the same networks of exchange as other industries, and the anxiety they produce informs a fascinating area of study for art, culture, and global politics.

Focusing on the confrontation between global politics and symbolic creative expression, J. P. Singh shows how, by integrating themselves into international markets, entertainment industries give rise to far-reaching cultural anxieties and politics. With examples from Hollywood, Bollywood, French grand opera, Latin American television, West African music, postcolonial literature, and even the Thai sex trade, Singh cites not only the attempt to address cultural discomfort but also the effort to deny entertainment acts as cultural. He connects creative expression to clashes between national identities, and he details the effect of cultural policies, such as institutional patronage and economic incentives, on the making and incorporation of art into the global market. Ultimately, Singh shows how these issues affect the debates on cultural trade being waged by the World Trade Organization, UNESCO, and the developing world.

Globalized Arts possesses a subtle and well-honed sense of the benefits of cultural globalization while remaining sensitive to potential drawbacks. I found wisdom on every page.

Tyler Cowen, George Mason University, author of Creative Destruction: How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures

In this stimulating and original book, J. P. Singh examines the tensions that link the creative processes in art and culture with the global politics of cultural identity. His is a book that deserves to be read by anyone concerned about the state of the arts and the future of culture in these uncertain times.

David Throsby, Macquarie University, author of The Economics of Cultural Policy

This excellent book on the global context of cultural policy is admirably poised between political economy and anthropology, cultural policy and politics, critique and celebration. It offers a serious analysis of what is at stake when cultural values as products meet global markets.

Arjun Appadurai, New York University, author of Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization

A remarkable book about the legitimacy and limits of the cultural policies of states and international organizations. Singh designs an original framework for analyzing discourses and measures pretending to promote cultural diversity yet merely defending national expressions and some singular elite notion of culture..

Françoise Benhamou, Paris 13 University, author of L'économie de la culture

The book is a detailed and sophisticated analysis of cultural policies and globalization.



Susan Bennett, Theatre Survey

Singh shows how the confrontation between global politics and symbolic creative expression give rise to far-reaching cultural anxieties and politics.

Birmingham Magazine

Singh has thus made an important and exciting contribution capturing the nuanced debates and complexities surrounding symbolic expressions of identity and cultural politics that necessitate policies to accommodate creative expressions in a globalized society.

Rekha Datta, International Studies Review

[Singh] writes ebulliently, and with imagination, deploying an eclectic blend of conceptual frameworks.

Yudhishthir R. Isar, International Journal of Cultural Policy
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Introduction: The Creative Voice and Cultural Identity
1. Cultural Politics and Global Anxieties
2. Value, Markets, Patronage
3. Culture Wars
4. UNESCO and the Europeans
5. Cultural Patrons in the Developing World
6. Culture by Any Other Name
7. The Creative Voice and Cultural Policy
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Best Book Award, Information Technology and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association

About the Author

J. P. Singh is professor of global affairs and cultural studies at George Mason University. His books include UNESCO: Creating Norms in a Complex World; International Cultural Policies and Power; Negotiation and the Global Information Economy; Information Technologies and Global Politics (with James N. Rosenau); and Leapfrogging Development? The Political Economy of Telecommunications Restructuring.