New Perspectives in English and American Studies

Volume Two: Language

Edited by Magdalena Szczyrbak and Zygmunt Mazur

Jagiellonian University Press

New Perspectives in English and American Studies

Pub Date: March 2020

ISBN: 9788323346876

266 Pages

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Pub Date: June 2020

ISBN: 9788323346883

266 Pages

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New Perspectives in English and American Studies

Volume Two: Language

Edited by Magdalena Szczyrbak and Zygmunt Mazur

Jagiellonian University Press

This volume offers a selection of linguistics papers presented at the 14th International Conference on English and American Literature and Language hosted by the Institute of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, from 20 to 22 April 2017. Part 1 (chapters 1–8) includes analyses of diverse linguistic phenomena identified in naturally occurring data whereas Part 2 (chapters 9–13) focuses on applied linguistics and as such, it is especially relevant to teachers and other educators. The text types explored in Part 1 range from online charity materials and Facebook posts through political texts and obituaries to tourism advertisements and nail polish labels. Part 2, in turn, takes a closer look at the role of critical cultural awareness and the development of summarization strategies in the EFL context as well as examines the usefulness of new vocabulary learning tools like Memrise. It also introduces readers to the challenges facing PhD candidates outside academia and raises awareness of the benefits of Active Learning in tertiary education. The volume is designed to appeal to PhD students, researchers and educators as well as everybody with a keen interest in linguistics.

Part 1: Linguistics

Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska -
Multimodal Persuasion in Humanitarian Communication: A Comparative Analysis of Text-Image Alignments in Online Charity Materials

Daria Pańka - English Social Media-related Loanwords in the Language of Polish Facebook Users: A Corpus-based Study

Jarosław Wiliński - Military Terms in American Politics: A Corpus-driven Study

Grzegorz Cebrat - “Dying, and Behold, We Live.” A Genre Analysis of the Obituary Collection by Rev. Haig Adadourian (1890)

Danica Maleková - The Construal of ‘Activity’ in English and Slovak Tourist Texts

Olga O’Toole - Nail Polish and the Construction of Femininity: A Critical Linguistic Analysis of Labels

Nenad Miladinović - Formal Characteristics of the Constructional Idiom Such as a Brute of a Man in English

Leszek Szymański - The Interplay of the Conversational Backgrounds of the English Modal Can and Event Time Schemata from the Kratzerian Perspective

Part 2: Applied Linguistics

Agata Cierpisz - Looking Closer at Critical Cultural Awareness: Diagnosing and Implementing the Concept of Critical Cultural Awareness in the EFL Context

Magdalena Trepczyńska - Summarization Strategies in Timed Independent Summary Writing of L2 Undergraduate Students

Milena Yablonsky - Memrise to Memorize ESP Vocabulary at the Tertiary Level? Teaching Specialized Terminology with the Usage of the Memrise Online Platform

Helena Lohrová - From Research to Practice: The Challenge of Preparing PhD Candidates for Their Role as Applied Linguists

Aeddan Shaw, Luc Ampleman - Riders on the Storm: Using Active Learning Techniques to Foster the Development of the Citizen Scholar in Poland

About the Author

Zygmunt Mazur - Assistant Professor in Institute of English Studies, previously worked at the University of Bordeaux in France, Troy University in Alabama and the University of Northern Iowa. His scientific research concerns the history of American literature, especially the American novel of the second half of the 20th century.

Magdalena Szczyrbak - Assistant Professor in Institute of English Studies, member of TEPIS – the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators and The Polish Linguistic Society, sworn English translator.