Verlag Barbara Budrich

Verlag Barbara Budrich is a Germany-based academic publishing company with international distribution and offices in the US, UK and Canada. Founded in 2004, the independent publishing house publishes some 120 books per year and 20 academic journals. Barbara Budrich Publishers’ list of educational and social science publications in English and German represents—among others—the fields of politics, educational science/pedagogy, gender studies, social work/public policy, and sociology.

Barbara Budrich Publishers offer publishing opportunities to young as well as experienced academics. Thus, we are able to offer high standard monographs and anthologies for our relevant academic fields. Albeit an academic publisher based in Germany, we are convinced that our academic fields need to converse internationally. Our main emphasis lies on quality, regardless from whence authors and publications may come. Therefore, our book list comprises many English language titles as well as German books. Furthermore, Barbara Budrich Publishers strive for a broader public to participate in the discussions that dominate our academic fields—very many subjects invite a more general interest.