Distributed Presses

  1. Jagiellonian University Press

    Jagiellonian University Press

    Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland and the second-oldest university in Central Europe. Its press is one of the leading academic publishers in Poland, specializing in history, political science, Polish studies, foreign languages and cultures, ethnology, journalism, social communication, philosophy, sociology, management, psychology, psychiatry, and medicine. The press’s mission is to showcase Polish […]

  2. Peterson Institute for International Economics

    Peterson Institute for International Economics

    The Peterson Institute for International Economics is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit institution committed to rigorous, intellectually open, and in-depth study of the challenges facing the global economy. The Institute’s books embody PIIE’s most serious and sustained research on a range of topics, from regional studies to macroeconomics, trade and investment, finance, and globalization and human […]

  3. Social Science Research Council

    Social Science Research Council

    Columbia University Press distributes and copublishes titles with the Social Science Research Council. The SSRC publishes innovative and original research from its programs and networks. Read more about the Social Science Research Council here.

  4. Transcript Verlag

    Transcript Verlag

    Transcript is one of the leading academic publishers on the German-language book market. With more than ninety series, Transcript serves the academic fields of social, media, and cultural studies as well as history, philosophy, and cultural management. Its philosophy is to combine advanced theoretical reflection with careful empirical observation. Transcript aims to address not only […]

  5. Tulika Books

    Tulika Books

    Tulika Books is a small independent publishing house based in New Delhi, India. Publishing since 1995 from a broad left and democratic perspective, its list comprises primarily scholarly/academic books in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Tulika Books brings out between 10 to 15 new titles every year, besides reprints and revised/updated editions of previously […]

  6. University of Tokyo Press

    University of Tokyo Press

    The University of Tokyo Press publishes works in Japanese history, culture, literature, and language as well as in science.