Caelyn Cobb


Subject areas:

Politics (IR, Comparative; Security Studies); History (Global, Asia, Middle East)

Major geopolitical shifts in the contemporary world have opened up many exciting, new intellectual pursuits in the field of global history. Our list recognizes that, while we live in an ever more interconnected world, knowledge of the past is essential to understanding the present and the future. We seek innovative scholarly and general-interest books in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Global history that explore the current relevance of historical political, social, and economic events. At the core of our global history list are the long-running Columbia Studies in International and Global History and Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute series.

The global politics list highlights issues in international affairs that speak to our current global moment. Aimed at scholars, policy makers, and concerned citizens, we value works that will inform and stimulate public debate. With a focus on cutting-edge scholarship and methodologies, our list explores a wide range of important international political issues from authoritarianism, to global governance, to democratization, and more. Our series Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare brings together the latest scholarship in security studies, counterterrorism, and resistance movements. Through our series Contemporary  Asia and the World and Columbia Studies in Middle East Politics, we also publish important new political science research in these two vital regions.