Myles C. Thompson


Subject areas:

Business (Finance, Management, Risk, Marketing); Economics


The Columbia Business School Publishing imprint reflects the mission of Columbia Business School to develop entrepreneur’s who create value for their stakeholders and their community. We publish books that bridge academic research and business practice, with positive effects on how business is conducted within our global society. The list features work in value investing – the study and practice of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd’s original investing principles – as well as entrepreneurship, corporate strategy and finance, management, and social enterprise.

Economics is a field in motion, both in its expanding scope of study and its range of methods and approaches. At Columbia we seek projects that drive this expansion and cut through set schools of economic thought in the service of understanding major global shifts – including development and inequality, sustainability and climate change, and the growth of China and other emerging economies – and that delve into the history of economic life to better understand the evolution of our society. We look for books with a strong empirical or theoretical backbone and a mission to communicate original insights to a wider scholarly, cross-disciplinary, or general audience. With Columbia’s Committee on Global Thought and Center for Global Economic Governance we co-sponsor and publish the Kenneth J. Arrow Lecture Series, and with the School of International and Public Affairs’ Center on Global Energy Policy we publish Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy Series.