Philip Leventhal


Subject areas:

Journalism; Film Studies; English and Comparative Literature

Film studies is anchored by the Film and Culture Series, which publishes books that combine critical approaches to cinema and media with archival based research in the history of the film industry, including production, technology, exhibition, and film’s relationship to society. We also look for books that develop new theoretical approaches to film and media with an increasing emphasis on how our experience with film is (or is not) changing with the advent of new technologies. Through the Wallflower imprint the Press publishes intellectually engaged works for the film enthusiast focusing on key filmmakers, genres, themes, and cult classics.

In literary studies we seek books that examine how literature offers new ways of thinking about modern and contemporary history, politics, the global, gender, the environment, and our interaction with technology and media. We also publish books that explore the ways in which modern and contemporary literature and literary culture takes shape in institutions and society and how ideas and culture spread. In terms of approach, we are interested in books that mix archival work, aesthetic considerations, and a theoretical approach that emphasize an engagement with readers and a sense of literature’s engagement with the world. Our series in the field include Literature Now and Modernist Latitudes.

Journalism as a profession as well as the social and political of media is the focus of our list. We seek historical, critical, and practical approaches to a changing and increasingly digital and global media landscape. The list features books in the Columbia Journalism Review Series and the Reuters Institute in Global Journalism Series.