Stephen Wesley


Subject areas:

American Politics and Foreign Relations; History (United States, New York City); Social Work

Columbia’s list in American politics and foreign relations publishes monographs and trade books of all methodologies and ideologies on the questions that animate contemporary political debate. We look for fresh arguments on political behavior and public opinion, policy, race and social issues, carceral studies, and US political history. The list in foreign affairs is moored by several strong series: the Council on Foreign Relations, the Nancy Bernkopf Tucker and Warren I. Cohen Series on American–East Asian Relations, and the Woodrow Wilson Center Series.

In United States history, our focus is on work that sheds new light on the evolution of economic, political, and social systems in the United States, and the way in which the United States has shaped and been shaped by international forces. The history of capitalism, broadly conceived to include its interaction with race, gender, sexuality, nation, and citizenship, is a major component of our list, as is work in twentieth-century United States history, urban history, environmental history, and New York City history. We are drawn to projects that use diverse, original sources and quantitative work to propel ideas through the field and beyond it. Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism plays a central role in the development of this field for the Press.

Social Work is a long established and distinguished list at Columbia University Press. We focus on graduate-level textbooks that advance the field and scholarly texts that explore innovative methods of addressing social problems. We particularly value works that focus on social problems, give voice to marginalized populations, consider emerging issues in the field, and use a lens of social justice. Core topics for the list include child welfare, mental health, and aging. Our series include Foundations of Social Work Knowledge and End-of-Life Care