Audio Files for How To Read Chinese Poetry

Below are links to mp3 files to listen to selected poems from How to Read Chinese Poetry edited by Zong-qi Cai.

Chapter 1: Tetrasyllabic Shi Poetry: The Book  of Poetry (Shijing)

1.1  “The Grove at Zhu” (mp3) | (pdf)
1.2  “The Peach Tree Tender” (mp3) | (pdf)
1.6  “The Retiring Girl” (mp3) | (pdf)
1.10  “The Kudzu Vine Grows Longer” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 2: Sao Poetry: The Lyrics of Chu (Chuci)

2.2  “The Lady of the Xiang River” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 4: Shi Poetry: Music Bureau Poems (Yuefu)

4.4  “We Fought South of the Walls” (mp3) | (pdf)
4.6  “There Is One I Love” (mp3) | (pdf)
4.8  “Mulberry Along the Lane” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 5: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: The “Nineteen Old Poems”

5.1  “No. 1, On and On, Again On and On [You Go] (mp3) | (pdf)
5.2  “No. 3, Green, Green Grows the Cypress on the Hilltop” (mp3) | (pdf)
5.3  “No. 13, I Ride My Carriage to the Upper East Gate” (mp3) | (pdf)
5.4  “No. 5, I Cross the River to Pluck Hibiscus Flowers” (mp3) | (pdf)
5.7  “Bright Moon Shines in the Clear Night, No. 7” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 6: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: Landscape and Farmstead Poems

6.1  “Returning to Live on the Farm, No. 1” (mp3) | (pdf)
6.2  “On Drinking Wine, No. 5” (mp3) | (pdf)
6.3  “On Drinking Wine, No. 7” (mp3) | (pdf)
6.4  “On Moving House, No. 2” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 7: Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: New Topics

7.1  “An Outing to the Eastern Field” (mp3) | (pdf)
7.2  “Jade Stairs Resentment” (mp3) | (pdf)
7.3  “Autumn Evening” (mp3) | (pdf)
7.5  “On Clouds” (mp3) | (pdf)
7.6  “On a Fair Lady Viewing a Painting” (mp3) | (pdf)
7.7  “On a Lone Duck” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 8: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Pentasyllabic Regulated Verse (Wuyan Lushi)

8.1  “Spring Scene”  (mp3) | (pdf)
8.2  “The Jiang and Han Rivers” (mp3) | (pdf)
8.3  “Climbing the Yueyang Tower with Xia Shi’er” (mp3) | (pdf)
8.4  “Zhongnan Mountain” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 9: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Heptasyllabic Regulated Verse (Qiyan Lushi)

9.6  Sui Palace (mp3) | (pdf)
9.8  Brocade Zither (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 10: Recent-Style Shi Poetry: Quatrains (Jueju)

10.1  “Ziye Song” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.2  “In Praise of Pear Blossoms on the Pond” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.3  “Spring Lament” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.4  “Miscellaneous Poems, No. 2” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.5  “Climbing Crane Tower” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.6  “The Deer Fence” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.7  “Calling-Bird Brook” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.8  “Quiet Night Thoughts” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.9  “Amusing Myself” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.10  “Lament of the Jade Stairs” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.11  “Following the Army” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.12  “Autumn Songs of the Hall of Abiding Faith” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.13  “Sending Off Meng Haoran to Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.15  “Red Cliff” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.16  “Dispelling Sorrow” (mp3) | (pdf)
10.17  “Chang’e” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 11: Ancient-Style Shi Poetry: Continuation and Changes

11.2  “A Song on Ascending Youzhou Terrace” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 12: Ci Poetry: Short Song Lyrics (Xiaoling)

12.1  To the Tune “Crows Call at Night” (or “Pleasure at Meeting” [Xiang jian huan]) (mp3) | (pdf)
12.2  To the Tune “Southern Tune,” No. 1 (mp3) | (pdf)
12.3  To the Tune “Southern Tune,” No. 2 (mp3) | (pdf)
12.4  To the Tune “On the Water Clock at Night” (mp3) | (pdf)
12.5  To the Tune “Buddha-Like Barbarian” (mp3) | (pdf)
12.6  To the Tune “Audience at Golden Gate” (mp3) | (pdf)
12.7  To the Tune “Beautiful Lady Yu” (mp3) | (pdf)
12.8  To the Tune “Butterflies Lingering Over Flowers” (or “Magpie Perching on a Branch” [Que ta zhi]) (mp3) | (pdf)
12.9  To the Tune “Sand in Silk-Washing Stream” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 13: Ci Poetry: Long Song Lyrics (Manci)

13.1  To the Tune “Eight Beats of a Ganzhou Song” (mp3) | (pdf)
13.2  To the Tune “Prelude to the River Tune” (mp3) | (pdf)
13.3  To the Tune “The Charm of Niannu”: Meditation on the Past at Red Cliff (mp3) | (pdf)
13.4  To the Tune “One Beat Followed by Another, a Long Tune” (mp3) | (pdf)
13.5  To the Tune “Congratulating the Bridegroom” (mp3) | (pdf)
13.6  To the Tune “Groping for Fish” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 14: Ci Poetry: Long Song Lyrics on Objects (Youngwu Ci)

14.1  “Secret Fragrance” (mp3) | (pdf)
14.2  “Dappled Shadows” (mp3) | (pdf)

Chapter 15: Shi Poetry: Ancient and Recent Styles

15.1  “Small Plum Tree in a Garden in the Hills, No. 1” (mp3) | (pdf)
15.2  “Lament for My Wife, Part 1” (mp3) | (pdf), “Part 2” (mp3) | (pdf), “Part 3” (mp3) | (pdf)
15.4  “Written on Master Huyin’s Wall, No. 1” (mp3) | (pdf)
15.5  “As Dawn Approached on an Autumn Night, I Went Out My Bramble Gate and, Met by Chilly Air, Was Moved to This, No. 2” (mp3) | (pdf)
15.6  “An Outing to Villages West of the Mountains (mp3) | (pdf)
15.9  “Fields and Gardens Through the Four Seasons, Random Inspiration: Autumn, No. 44” (mp3) | (pdf)

Qu Poetry: Song Poems (Sanqu) of the Yuan Dynasty

16.1  To the Tune “The Unbreakable String” [shuangdiao key]: “Fat Couple” (mp3)(pdf)
16.3  To the Tune “Sky-Clear Sand” [yuediao key]: “Autumn Thoughts” (mp3) | (pdf)
16.4  To the Tune “Sheep on Mountain Slope” [zhonglü key]: “Meditation on the Past at Tong Pass (mp3) | (pdf)
16.6  To the Tune “Lüyaobian” [zhennggong key]: “Of Myself” (mp3) | (pdf)
16.7  To the Tune “A Half” [xianlü key]: “On Love” (mp3) | (pdf)
16.9  To the Tune “Spring Song” [zhonglü key]: “On Love” (mp3) | (pdf)
16.10  To the Tune “Heaven in a Drunkard’s Eye” [xianlü key]: On the Big Butterfly (mp3)  | (pdf)

Chapter 17: Shi Poetry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

17.13  “On a Summer Day: Dwelling in the Mountains” (mp3) | (pdf)