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Customer Service

Customer service inquiries for customers in the United States: please contact Perseus Distribution by phone at (800) 343-4499, by fax at (800) 351-5073, or by e-mail.

Customer service inquiries for customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and South Africa:


Phone: (0)1243 843-291

Fax: (0)1243 843-296

Mail: Columbia University Press
c/o John Wiley
1 Oldlands Way, Bognor Regis
West Sussex PO 22 9SA



Bookstores or retail establishments interested in selling Columbia University Press or distributed-press titles and in need of a complete discount schedule (including return policies) or with special sales inquiries should contact the sales department:

Phone: (212) 459-0600, ext. 7129

Fax: (212) 459-3678

Mail: Columbia University Press
Sales Department
61 West 62 Street
New York, NY 10023

For premium, corporate, and bulk sales, contact Corey Beebe

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