Manuscript Submissions

If you would like to submit a book to Columbia University Press, please send a proposal containing a brief description of the content and focus of the book, a table of contents or chapter outline, literature review and market analysis, and professional information about the author, including previous publications.

Below is a list of Press editors, the fields in which they publish, and a link to a description of their publishing program. We suggest you read the editors’ description of their lists to determine whether your book is appropriate for our program and which editor is the best fit for your proposal. Please send your query to only one editor, who will pass it on if it is better suited to another editor’s list. If your book is in a field other than those listed, chances are we do not publish in that area.

Authors interested in submitting books for the Wallflower Press imprint should contact Ryan Groendyk at

You may send your proposal by e-mail. If you have not heard back from us after four weeks, contact us again to make sure we have received your material. Please do not send extensive material such as an entire manuscript unless requested to do so by the editor.

Please note: We do not publish original fiction or poetry, other than translations from Russian and Asian languages, and we do not consider edited collections unless they are specifically designed for course use.

Because of the volume of proposals we receive and the expense of postage, we are unable to return proposals or manuscripts unless you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.