The Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online


The Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online is a dynamic tool for understanding our complex world. The Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online provides users with access to authoritative information on more than 170,000 places and areas around the world.

This resource’s unparalleled coverage extends beyond the country level to states, cities, towns, provinces, counties, villages, hamlets, and neighborhoods. In addition to a wealth of statistical data, the Gazetteer provides rich, in-depth information about the economic, historical, and cultural context of places.

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  • Gazetteer’s entries cover demography, physical geography, and political boundaries; industry, trade, and agriculture; cultural, historical, and archaeological points of interest; transportation lines, longitude, latitude, and elevations; official government place-names and changed or variant names and spellings.
  • Historical population figures for selected places
  • Interlinked glossary of geographic and geological terms
  • Easy-to-use and powerful search and sort functions to find what you need


  • High Schools—for basic reference and geography
  • Higher Academic Institutions—create focused lists of places and attendant downloadable metadata for statistical studies or to document distribution of resources
  • Public Libraries—for general reference, business information, travel information, and—most popularly—genealogical research
  • Specialty Research Libraries—for research or, for the many news organizations that subscribe, reference and pronunciation of place-names
  • Government Agencies—for national security, detailed information on strategic international and domestic locations

Praise for the Columbia Gazetteer

“Enormously useful…. 24/7 access to current authoritative, geographic information.”—Library Journal


“Highly recommended.”—Choice

“Essential reference.”—SLA News Website

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