The Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry Online


The Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry Online, updated weekly with new full-text poems, biographies, and commentaries, offers users access to 250,000 poems in full text with 450,000 poem citations. The database includes all poems indexed since the 8th print edition (1985). Granger’s also includes a wide range of critical and historical tools and features to enhance understanding and enjoyment of poetry.

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Editor William Harmon and a board of consultants that consists of poets, scholars, and librarians ensure the highest standards of scholarship.

What’s Inside

  • Full text of some of the most widely read poems
  • Commentaries on famous poems
  • Biographies of leading poets
  • Glossary terms, including examples of of terms defined
  • Poem comparison allows any two poems—for example, a poem in translation and in its original language—to be viewed together
  • Full-text access to Columbia University Press books on poetry
  • Foreign-language poetry in the original language and in translations
  • Audio recordings of the best-known poetry read by poets
  • Commentaries, biographies, glossary, history, and criticism are linked throughout to provide fluid navigation

The Search Engine and Database

Granger’s features a completely redesigned database with greatly enhanced functionality. Searching, both simple and advanced, is very user-friendly, with new searches available by era or school, nationality, language, cultural identity, gender, and form. For the first time, users can browse the many parts of the database—poems, poets, anthologies, biographies, commentaries, and subjects. The Browse Subject feature organizes Granger’s 6,000 subject headings in a hierarchical structure of related themes and subjects, affording users a unique opportunity to explore and discover poetry in a meaningful and visual manner.

Praise for Granger’s

“The contents and search options for Granger’s Online are thrilling. It is so easy to use, and so enjoyable to read, I found it difficult to stop!”—Library Journal

“The reasonable cost and ease of use makes this database highly recommended for school library media centers.”—School Library Journal

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