Mental Disorders in the Social Environment

Pub Date: February 2005

ISBN: 9780231128711

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Pub Date: February 2005

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Mental Disorders in the Social Environment

Critical Perspectives

Edited by Stuart A. Kirk

Columbia University Press

Introduction: Critical Perspectives, by Stuart A. Kirk
Assessment and Diagnosis
Balancing act: Assessing strengths in mental health practice, by Dennis Saleebey
The Social Context of Interventions
The limits of diagnostic criteria: The role of social context in clinicians'judgments of mental disorder, by Derek Hsieh, Stuart A. Kirk
Evidence-Guided Practice
Mapping practice: Assessment, context, and social justice, by Mark Mattaini
Psychotherapy and Social Work
Disorders versus problems in living in DSM: Rethinking social work's relationship to psychiatry, by Jerry C. Wakefield
Questioning Psychiatric Medications
Diagnosis—an act of faith: The probabilistic nature of diagnosis, by William R. Nugent
Ethics, Laws, And Regulations
Assessing the scientific status of schizophrenia, by John Bola, Deborah Pitts
To stem the tide of degeneracy: The eugenic impulse in social work, by Amy LaPan, Tony Platt
Assertive Community Treatment: The case against the "best tested" evidence-based community treatment for severe mental illness, by Tomi Gomory
Empowerment—The foundation for social work practice in mental health, by Stephen M. Rose
Self-help mental health agencies, by Steven P. Segal
Power, gender, and the self: Reflections on improving mental health for males and females, by Sarah Rosenfield, Kathy Pottick
Evidence-based practice: Breakthrough or buzzword?, by William J. Reid, Julanne Colvin
Critical thinking, evidence-based practice and mental health, by Eileen Gambrill
Mental health and practice guidelines: Panacea or pipedream?, by Matthew O. Howard, Tonya Edmond, Michael G. Vaughn
Putting Humpty together again: Treatment of mental disorders and pursuit of justice in social workís mission, by Jerry C. Wakefield
The problem of psychotherapy in social work, by William Epstein
The misfortunes of behavioral social work: Misprized, misread, and misconstrued, by Bruce A. Thyer
Clinical psychopharmacology trials: "Gold standard" or foolís gold?, by David Cohen
Treatment of newly diagnosed psychosis without anti-psychotic drugs: The Soteria project, by John Bola, Loren Mosher, David Cohen
Psychosocial side effects of drug treatment of youth, by Tally Moses, Stuart A. Kirk
Social work, mental health, and mental disorders: The ethical dimensions, by Frederic Reamer
Managed care and mental health, by Kevin Corcoran, Stephen Gorin, Cynthia Moniz
Involuntary medications of the mentally ill: Continuing controversy, changing scene, by Donald Dickson

About the Author

Stuart A. Kirk holds the Marjorie Crump Chair in the Department of Social Welfare at the University of California at Los Angeles School of Public Policy and Social Research. Among his books are The Selling of DSM: The Rhetoric of Science in Psychiatry and Making Us Crazy: DSM—The Psychiatric Bible and the Creation of Mental Disorders (both with Herb Kutchins), as well as Science and Social Work: A Critical Appraisal (with William J. Reid). He lives in Oak View, California.