Counting the Public In

Pub Date: May 1999

ISBN: 9780231110693

Format: Paperback

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Pub Date: May 1999

ISBN: 9780231504201

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Counting the Public In

Presidents, Public Opinion, and Foreign Policy

Douglas C. Foyle

Columbia University Press

A major scholarly work that adds greatly to our knowledge of the linkages between general public opinion and foreign policy. American Political Science Review
1. Linking Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
2. Preserving Public Support: Eisenhower and Dulles as Pragmatists
3. The Crisis Context: Anticipating Domestic Opposition over the Offshore Islands
4. The Reflexive Context: Boxed in by Public Opinion at Dien Bien Phu
5. The Innovative Context: Standing Firm Pushing Forward, and Giving Way After Sputnik
6. The Deliberative Context: Leadership and Limitations in the Formulation of the New Look
7. Presidential Public Opinion Orientations Since World War II
8. Crises and Recent Presidents
9. Deliberative Cases and Recent Presidents
10. Conclusions and Implications for Theory and Practice

About the Author

Douglas C. Foyle is assistant professor in the government department at Wesleyan University.