Love Song of the Dark Lord

Pub Date: November 1997

ISBN: 9780231110976

Format: Paperback

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Pub Date: November 1997

ISBN: 9780231515481

Format: E-book

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Love Song of the Dark Lord

Jayadeva's Gitagovinda, 20th anniversary edition

Edited and translated by Barbara Stoler Miller. With a foreword by John Stratton Hawley

Columbia University Press

This Gitagovinda will be the English standard for our generation. ASIA Bulletin
Excellent...[This translation] beautifully renders the Sanskrit lyric into poetic English and captures the rich imagery and musical rythms of Jayadeva's language. Choice
Foreword by John Stratton Hawley
A Note on Sanskrit Pronunciation
1. Jayadeva: The Wandering Poet
2. The Lyrical Structure of Jayadeva's Poem
3. Jayadeva's Language for Love
4. Krishna: Cosmic Cowherd Lover
5. Radha: Consort of Krishna's Springtime Passion
Gitagovinda: Translation

About the Author

Barbara Stoller Miller translated many works of Indian literature, including The Bhagavad-Gita: Krishna's Counsel in Time of War and The Hermit & the Love Thief: Sanskrit Poems of Bharitrihari and Bilhana (both Columbia).