Sources of Chinese Tradition

Pub Date: January 2000

ISBN: 9780231109390

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Sources of Chinese Tradition

From Earliest Times to 1600, second edition

Edited by Wm. Theodore de Bary and Irene Bloom

Columbia University Press

Part 1. The Chinese Tradition in Antiquity
1. The Oracle-Bone Inscriptions of the Late Shang Dynasty, by David N. Keightley
2. Classical Sources of Chinese Tradition, by Burton Watson, David S. Nivison, Irene Bloom
3. Confucius and the Analects, by Irene Bloom
4. Mozi: Utilitarianism, Uniformity, and Universal Love, by Burton Watson
5. The Way of Laozi and Zhuangzi
6. The Evolution of the Confucian Tradition in Antiquity
7. Legalists and Militarists
Part 2. The Making of a Classical Culture
8. The Han Reaction to Qin Despotism
9. Syncretic Visions of State, Society, and Cosmos, by Harold Roth, Sarah Queen, Nathan Sivin
10. The Imperial Order and Han Syntheses
11. The Economic Order, by Burton Watson, Wm. Theodore deBary
12. The Great Han Historians, by Burton Watson
Part 3. Later Daoism and Mahyana Buddhism in China
13. Learning of the Mysterious, by Richard John Lynn, Wing-tsit Chan, Irene Bloom
14. Daoist Religion, by Franciscus Verellen, Nathan Sivin, et al.
15. The Introduction of Buddhism, by Leon Hurvitz, Tsai Heng-ting
16. Schools of Buddhist Doctrine, by Leon Hurvitz, Burton Watson, Daniel Stevenson, George Tanabe, Wing-Tsit Chan
17. Schools of Buddhist Practice, by Leon Hurvitz, Daniel Stevenson, Philip B. Yampolsky, Chun-fang Yu
Part 4. The Confucian Revival and Neo-Confucianism
Social Life and Political Culture in the Tang
The Confucian Revival in the Song
Neo-Confucianism: The Philosophy of Human Nature and the Way of the Sage
Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucian Program, by Wm. Theodore deBary
Ideological Foundations of Late Imperial China, by Wm. Theodore deBary, Edward Farmer, John Dardess
Neo-Confucian Education, by Wm. Thedore deBary
Self and Society in the Ming
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About the Author

Wm. Theodore de Bary (1919–2017) was John Mitchell Mason Professor Emeritus and provost emeritus of Columbia University. His many books include Waiting for the Dawn, Message of the Mind, and Learning for One’s Self, as well as Sources of Japanese Tradition and Sources of Korean Tradition, all published by Columbia University Press.

Irene Bloom (1939–2010) was Wm. Theodore and Fanny de Bary and Class of 1941 Associate Professor of Asian Humanities at Columbia University and Anne Whitney Olin Professor Emerita in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures at Barnard College. She edited and translated Knowledge Painfully Acquired: The K’un-chih chi of Lo Ch’in-shun and coedited, with Joshua A. Fogel, Meeting of Minds: Intellectual and Religious Interaction in East Asian Traditions of Thought.