Columbia Studies in International and Global History

Edited by Cemil Aydin, Timothy Nunan, and Dominic Sachsenmaier
Founding editors: Adam McKeown and Matthew Connelly

Continuing with its already established record, Columbia Studies in International and Global History seeks to present some of the finest and most innovative work coming out of the current landscapes of international and global historical scholarship. Grounded in empirical research, the titles in the series transcend the usual area boundaries and address questions of how history can help us understand contemporary problems, including poverty, inequality, power, political violence, and accountability beyond the nation-state. The series includes a wide range of topics and historical epochs, and it offers a combination of trade and scholarly books dealing with wider themes from global and international perspectives. It covers processes of flows, exchanges, and entanglements—and moments of blockage, friction, and fracture—between not only “the West” and “the Rest,” but also parts of what has variously been dubbed the “Third World” or the “Global South” itself. Scholarship in international and global history remains indispensable when seeking to get a better sense of current complex regional and global economic transformations. Such approaches are vital in understanding the making of our present world.

Columbia University Press