Ruth Benedict Book Series

Edited by David Scott and Elizabeth A. Povinelli

With series committee members Nadia Abu El-Haj, Vanessa Agard-Jones, Zoe Crossland, Maria José de Abreu, and Naor Ben-Yehoyada

Named after one of the founders of American anthropology and the Columbia Department of Anthropology, the Ruth Benedict Book Series is inspired by Benedict’s passionate engagement with the critical political, aesthetic, and theoretical problems of the twentieth century but places them in the global conditions of the twenty-first. Contributions to the series explore contemporary critical thought in politics and aesthetics through a deep knowledge of the global condition in specific localities and regions. The scope of the series is capaciously theoretical and determinately international with special emphasis on settler-colonial, postcolonial, and capitalist regimes. The books present crisp interventions in a multiplicity of disciplines, but are also statements whose reckoning cuts across the critical humanistic and social sciences.

Columbia University Press