Columbia Readings of Buddhist Literature

Edited by Stephen F. Teiser

The Columbia Readings of Buddhist Literature series, edited by Stephen F. Teiser, consists of critical introductions to the major works in the Buddhist tradition from India, Tibet, China, Japan, and elsewhere. The books are designed to complement translations of the works used in courses at the introductory or intermediate level.

Each title has an advisory editor, who assists Teiser in compiling contributions from scholars on topics such as the history of Buddhism at the time of the work in question, versions of the work, religious teachings, social and gender issues in the work, rituals and myths, philosophical aspects, narrative, religious practices, and art associated with the work. Each title in the series follows the same model. These books are designed to be useful for courses on Buddhism in religious studies, Asian studies, and humanities curricula.

The series is published with the sponsorship of the Dharma Drum Foundation for Humanities and Social Science Research.

Columbia University Press